Tips For Ensuring Your Child’s Bedroom Grows With Them

Tips For Ensuring Your Child’s Bedroom Grows With Them

Kids grow fast, and let’s be honest here, it’s both time consuming and expensive to have to buy clothes and toys for each new stage in their life! And most of all, it takes a lot of effort to rearrange their bedroom and help them define their personal space as they grow. They need more and more of a place of their own as they get older, but your bank account might not be able to keep up with that. 


Which is why we’ve brought this post to you; we want to help you address this kind of problem. Your child’s bedroom is going to go through quite a few new looks, but if you plan for that from day one, it’ll be much easier to manage! 

Make the Design Fun!

Kids love a room they can make a mess in and climb all over, and they’re always going to secretly love that element no matter how old they get. So why not include a few fun and interactive elements in the way you design their room as a whole? A bookcase they can use as stairs to get to another level of their room, where their bed may be, for example? Or storage that can fold out into a play table? Make it a bit fun and your child will always use it.


Build Storage into the Room Itself


Your child is going to accumulate a lot of clothes, books, and toys over the years. As such, you’re going to need more and more storage as they grow, in the form of bookcases, dressers, and boxes to slide under their bed. However, if you build this kind of storage into the room itself, not only will it work out cheaper, but it’ll help to keep their possessions to a manageable number. Furniture like Fitted Wardrobes, for example, can work wonders to save space and make the most of the room as is. 


Use Neutral Bases


The more neutral a colour your child’s room is furnished in, the easier it’ll be to introduce brighter and louder highlights on top. This design choice works for any age, all the way from a 2 year old to a 17 year old, and it’ll help your child to foster the colours and activities they truly enjoy as they grow. So use a basic baby blue or pink on the walls and then let your little artist make colourful paintings or hang up some crazy posters of their own. 


Don’t Worry About the Soft Furnishings!


These are incredibly easy to swap out when your child gets tired of them! Pillows and blankets, duvets and teddy bears – all of these can be donated and replaced when your child decides they’re older and more sophisticated now. Simply don’t worry about what designs, textures, or colours of these items you buy for them. 


Your child’s bedroom reflects their age and personality; give them a room that suits them with tips like those above.

I hope you enjoyed my Tips For Ensuring Your Child’s Bedroom Grows With Them.

This post is in collaboration, however all opinions are my own.

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