How To Turn Your Wendy House Into An Extra Bedroom

How To Turn Your Wendy House Into An Extra Bedroom

How To Turn Your Wendy House Into An Extra Bedroom

One of the best features of a Wendy house is that it can easily be adapted and turned into other things. A garden shed, an office or even a makeshift bedroom. This article will show you how easy it is.

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First things first, what you’re going to need:

– Drill (electric preferable)

– Measuring tape

– Scissors/Stanley knife

– Hammer (or something to drive in nails with if using wood)

– Quality fasteners

– Wood glue (Optional)

If you want your room to be painted inside and out, now would be a good time to paint it whatever colour you like. For information on painting, simply google ‘how to paint. When the room has been painted, that’s when the fun begins.


Let’s start with the flooring. If you have carpet in your Wendy house, then it will be easy to lay down over the boards, and if not, then cut some plywood (or whatever type of wood you want) and nail and glue it down and voila! There is your floor.


Next, we move on to walls; this is very simple; measure out where you want your walls to go (you may want two interior walls or an exterior wall) and mark them with a pencil, don’t forget any windows or doors, once they are marked drill in some nails every few centimetres along one side of them (on the inside of course), do the same with the other side of your walls (without nails obviously), now all there is to do is connect the two ends together, and you have a wall, make as many as you want.

If you want some fun wallpaper or paint to go on your walls, then this would be a good time to do it, but if not, that’s fine too. 


Now for the roofing part of your project, this may vary depending on what kind of Wendy house you have, so I can’t give much advice here other than measure out how big you want your room to be and cut enough wood/plywood to cover it easily – don’t forget any windows or doors either. Once all the cutting has been done, nail everything in place, making sure your roof is fairly taut (but not too taut, you don’t want it to fall down).

Now that your floor is done and the walls are made, connect them all with hinges on the inside, of course; screwing in some bolts is a good idea for this stage too. Once they’re connected, simply open up the door or window (with hinges) and attach some rope or string to two opposite corners of your room (you may need to drill into the side of walls where windows/doors are so that you can screw hooks into them), now tie one end into a knot that won’t slip out and attach it through the other side before tying another knot. 

Bespoke bed and desk

To give yourself more space in your room, you can easily put in a bunk bed or two by measuring the height of the room and cutting some wood to that length, screwing it into place (or nailing it if you’re using wood). You can also do the same with some shelves or even a small desk.

There you have it; your very own Wendy house turned bedroom. All that’s left to do now is furnish it and enjoy. So get creative, have fun with it!

This post is in collaboration, however all opinions are my own.

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