Four Ways To Refresh Your Bathroom

Four Ways To Refresh Your Bathroom

Four Ways To Refresh Your Bathroom

Even the cleanest of bathrooms can start to look a little off after a while. All the water, steam and endless products can cause mould, staining and more. But some little signs of wear and tear don’t have to have you reaching to rip out the bathroom and start again, you just need to give it some TLC.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your bathroom or you’ve recently moved and need to upgrade an existing bathroom, there are things you can do to leave things looking shiny and new again.


Here are four ways to refresh your bathroom.

1. Refresh your grout and sealant

Your grout and sealant, especially in your bath and shower area, can make your feel bathroom less than fresh if they’re past their best. While you can try using different whitening methods and mould removers to freshen things up, you might not get the result you wanted.


Refreshing your grout and sealant is an inexpensive job, and is one you can learn to do yourself easily. A product like Sikaflex 291i Marine Sealant can provide excellent results, keeping your bathroom sealed while also making it look new again. Regular cleaning is also important for keeping grout and sealant free from mould, as well as making your bathroom well ventilated.

2. Try vinyl flooring

Replacing your flooring can be a simple way of refreshing your bathroom. As most bathrooms tend to be on the small side, it can be affordable to re-tile your bathroom, but the cost will come from a flooring specialist unless you do it yourself.


Vinyl flooring, however, is an affordable and simple way to change up the floor in your bathroom. If you want a quick fix, vinyl flooring is the easy-care option that will add an instant update. Check out some bathroom flooring ideas to give you inspiration.

3. Change up your hardware

If you want to add a bit of style to your bathroom, then changing your hardware is a great way to make it happen. Matte black and brushed gold are particularly popular in bathrooms at the moment. Hotel-style bathrooms are a big source of inspiration here, so see if you could make a style statement by mixing up your fixtures. 

4. Get the paintbrush out

Changing the colour of your bathroom can be another simple and affordable way to give it a refresh, especially if you plan to make more permanent changes in the future. You can paint the walls and even the tiles to give your bathroom a completely new look. Make sure you choose the right type of paint – matte paint isn’t always the best choice for a bathroom with the risk of splashes, etc. 


Making your bathroom look fresh and clean again doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Finding simple fixes will make a big difference, leaving your bathroom look sparkling once more. Keep on top of your bathroom maintenance to keep common problems at bay, leaving you with a space you’ll be proud to show off.

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