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Lets talk about finding the right apartment, I feel honestly like moving can be quite stressful. Especially in the city or big towns. I like to really take my time when finding a new apartment because there are so many things to consider and look for.

I am going to be sharing with you a few tips on what I look for and hopefully it might help you too. We are going to be talking about finding an apartment in New York City and the best way to find it.

Online Apartment Search

Searching with an online apartment search makes things so much easier, you can filter down exactly what you are looking for- Location, number of bedrooms, pets or no. There are so many benefits of using an online apartment search website such as:

  1. Saves your time.
  2. They do all the work for you.
  3. Easy communication to book viewings.
  4. Filter down what you are looking for.
  5. You can search from anywhere.


Location is the biggest thing I consider when moving, location is quite possibly the most important aspect before committing to a new property.

When it comes to location you want to make sure you are in a nice area, you have all the local amenities. If you have children its best to find somewhere that has a school or nursery close by. However being in the New York City you will have plenty of shops around you.


I have heard it can be quite pricey living in New York City or even in any City for that matter, I think you pay for the views and the shops near by as well as the stunning apartments. I have always dreamt of living in New York City.

You need to make sure you can afford the apartment and any of your work and travel costs. The bills are important too, there are a lot of things to consider when living on your own.

Evaluate The Space

Evaluate the space you need for all your furniture, when finding a apartment make sure there is enough space for all your belongings. Maybe bring a notebook along with you when you view the apartment to take notes of what might need doing in the property. Do the walls need a splash of paint? Does the toilet need repairing? These things can be very helpful to get resolved before signing the lease.

Move Quickly

Consider being ready to move quickly, when finding an apartment they can come and go very fast. Especially if they are in a prime central area.

Before searching for an apartment it is best to have all the necessities out of the way such as: boxes, moving vans etc.

I really hope these tips have helped you going forward if you are moving.


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