A New You! The 2 Best Ways to Start Again

A New You! The 2 Best Ways to Start Again

Do you wish you could press the reset button on occasion? When change happens in life, we may wonder how to make the best of a new set of circumstances and start all over again. However, many people don’t embrace change until it’s too late. But what can you do when life appears to have passed you by and it’s too late? The fact is that it is not too late! Let’s show you how you can start all over again.

Change Your Perspective

We are the obstacle between what we want to achieve. To break free from our limitations, we need to look at what our limitations really are. They aren’t anything that stops you from doing something but are things that keep you within a certain cycle of actions. Sometimes, we need to shock ourselves in order to make changes. This can be behavioural, or it can be in terms of aesthetics. You might have heard the term “dress for the job you want, not the one you have,” and the same could be said for the life that you want. It’s about making relevant changes that you can see in the mirror which force you to embody a new version of yourself. Some people choose to alter their fashion sense by revamping their wardrobe, others may decide to make a statement for the next phase of their life by becoming a more responsible adult and buy a new Vauxhall Astra or practical vehicle to reiterate to themselves that they are taking steps in the right direction. Sometimes, when we try to change ourselves, we’ve got to alter aspects of our external environment. Changing your perspective is about changing your reality.

Using the Breakthrough Framework

If you are trying to turn problems into opportunities, there is a solid framework that you can utilise. If you are trying to make a happier life for yourself, you can transform your actions and your mindset through four basic steps:


  • Locate the hidden opportunity. We can see what stands in our way, but if we look for the hidden opportunities that may come as a result of the change, we may go down a new and exciting direction.


  • Creating a plan. When you want to achieve a certain change, it’s vital to set a long-term goal and break it down into smaller goals that will keep you motivated. They don’t have to be within the next few months, they can last years.


  • Allocating time and energy to making your goals a reality. Prioritise what you need to do and set deadlines to keep you motivated and to encourage smooth transitions.


  • Developing positive habits and motivation. This is vital. Even if you have a plan in place it is always possible to lose heart. Starting over again is about making sure that you are in the right mind to follow your goals. It could be something very simple, such as a daily reflection. Or you may want to choose goal setting strategies. Whatever you decide on, these little habits are imperative to make a proper change in your life.

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