How To Make This Winter A Happier Time For Your Children

how to make this winter a happier time for your children

The global pandemic has thrown up an array of new challenges in 2020, not least for parents. Now that the clocks have gone back and the colder months are here, things are about to become even harder. While it is necessary to adapt to the situations, your kids can still enjoy a happy winter period. You just need to know how you can make it happen.


Here are eight great tricks that will help your family beat the winter blues and fight back against the impacts of COVID-19.


#1. Update The Home


It’s crystal clear that the need to stay indoors is here to stay for a lot longer than we initially hoped. Therefore, creating happier home surroundings should be a priority for all families. Otherwise, the frustrations around the property will lead to serious disheartening.


The kids’ bedroom should be the first place to gain a mini makeover. A change of wall colour can make a big impact. When siblings share the same room, new bunk beds are an ideal way to claw back valuable floor space. The extra room for study and play will pay dividends at this time.


Creating a space for arts and crafts in the living areas can be a suitable move too.


#2. Prepare For Christmas


The harsh reality is that the festive season won’t be quite the same in 2020. The chances to meet up with big groups will be vastly restricted while several seasonal attractions will be shut. Still, every child deserves to feel the magic and excitement of this period. Perhaps now more than ever.


A number of substitutes can be made. For example, you can write to Santa online or check his progress on Christmas Eve. Alternatively, hiring a fancy dress costume will enable the big man in red to visit your home. That’s even better than visiting him in his grotto.


Make a big deal of decorating the home too, and the magic will stay alive.




#3. Support Their Educational Development


Most kids are allowed back at school, but the situations remain somewhat different to the pre-pandemic era. In truth, the importance of homework and development away from the classroom is probably greater than ever. Parents cannot afford to ignore this.


My guide to helping kids learn at home in creative ways will ensure that the process remains fun. Meanwhile, virtual visits to museums and global attractions are now readily available. The added engagement can work wonders, not least because visual info is easier to retain.


Just be sure to keep lavishing praise on them, perhaps through reward charts.


#4. Find Joy In Local Wildlife


Even if you live in a part of the country where your lockdown tier allows your family to visit attractions, it’s still a risk. Besides, wearing masks and adhering to other rules will impact your enjoyment of indoor spaces. Getting outside is key.


Regular walks or bike rides will get you out of the house and ensure that the kids get a little light exercise. The parks are still a great solution when it’s not raining. Meanwhile, a pair of wellies allows you to find fun in chasing puddles or exploring the local woods.


As long as you’re spending quality time together, you can keep having fun in spite of restrictions.


#5. Stay In Touch With Friends


Excluding those that fall into your support bubble, it will be tough for your kids to meet their friends outside of school. However, those friendships and interactions remain essential for their long-term wellbeing. So, you must find the alternatives.


Thankfully, modern technology makes it a lot easier for this to happen. Kids can play together on their video games consoles. Or they can use Facetime and social media to stay in touch. While you still want to stop them from becoming addicted to tech, its benefits are huge at this time.


It is especially crucial for only children who will experience very few face-to-face chats.


#6. Encourage New Hobbies


Kids need entertainment, and they also crave mental stimulation and passions that they can sink their teeth into. New hobbies are a fantastic way to achieve this while ensuring that their leisure time maintains a sense of purpose and direction.




The list of potential hobbies is endless. However, opting for something where they can participate at home or alone will be very useful at this time. Artistic activities are great while playing an instrument is ideal too. With so many tutorials available online and through traditional media, they can’t go wrong.


In truth, those new pastimes may become a central feature in their lives for years to come.


#7. Make Household Tasks Feel Fun


Turning the mundane into something a little more exciting will play a key role in getting through a testing winter period. When the kids are involved, it will make your life a lot easier. Crucially, it can teach valuable life skills and the value of hard work while curing their boredom.


The reward charts can come in handy once again. Meanwhile, household tasks don’t have to be chores. Making homemade pizzas is a great example of how you can inject fun into basic tasks. Better still, it allows you to monitor their diet with improved control.


This single step will bring big improvements all winter long.


#8. Transform The Garden


If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you should want to make the most of it this winter. It is the perfect place for kids to explore their creativity, get some fresh air, and practice sports. Better still, if it rains, they can retreat to the home in seconds.


The options are fewer than in the summer, but it’s still possible to plant winter flowers too. Likewise, with a little modification, you can hold a family winter BBQ or make a cosy home cinema on the deck. The key is to do what works for your family.


It will be a struggle this winter, but the kids can stay entertained. You’ve got this!


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