You Should Buy A House. Here’s Why!

You Should Buy A House. Here’s Why!

There is nothing better than the feeling of being secure. You know what we mean: you go to work knowing that you’re not up for the chop when it comes to redundancy or firing, and that feels good. You know you’re on solid ground with that. The problems of insecurity usually arise when it comes to the housing market. If you’re currently renting, the chances are good that you’re going to feel less secure about your situation.


At any time, you could be told to leave the house you’ve made your home. Your landlord may want to sell, they may want to increase the rent beyond your affordability and they may even want to move back into their house. This leads you into a stressful situation but instead of looking at it this way, look at it like now is the time to be looking at buying a house. Getting face first into mortgage quotes and conveyancing, bank loans and mortgage advisors is terrifying if you’re new to it. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be scary and there are plenty of reasons to go ahead and buy a house of your own. Let’s take a look!



  1. You’re going to be able to feel that security. When you choose to pay for a home of your own, you get to beat the competition around you and secure yourself a house that you can call yours.
  2. Sellers need you! People are out there desperate to sell their houses and get them off the market. As a buyer, you are in a position where you are needed. Sellers are ready to sell and you are ready to buy, and it’s going to give you an edge on negotiation when it comes to getting the best price.
  3. It could be safer. If you know that you are living in a rental in a difficult area, you need to think about upgrading your housing situation and buying somewhere where you’re not going to have burglars trying to get in. Now is the time to buy and you are in the best position to get to know new neighborhoods.
  4. You get to choose. There is a lot of control in your hands when you are buying a house. You get to look around the ones that pique your interest and you can choose to buy wherever you want to buy, too.
  5. Hello, tax breaks! No one can get away from paying taxes, but if you have a house, you might just be able to pay a little less. You can deduct property and mortgage taxes from your house and this can help you to change the amount that you owe the government at the end of the year.
  6. You might want to sell one later. You’re a homeowner now and that means that you will have the chance to sell it one day. This’ll give you an income later and you can upgrade to a newer house one day!

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