What To Wear On A Plane

In all the excitement of getting prepared to go on vacation, you can easily forget that you’re going to need to have something to wear for traveling, as well as enough clothing for when you arrive. All too often, people pack all of their most comfortable clothes and then have to find and wear whatever is left over, meaning they are uncomfortable on the journey. This is particularly unfortunate if you are on a plane for a number of hours with nowhere to go – being uncomfortable because of your clothing is a nightmare.


Prepare what you will wear for your flight well ahead of time, and you can be sure of a much better level of comfort. What should you wear, though? Here are some suggestions.

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Comfortable Pants

Sitting for hours at a time in one spot – a notoriously cramped spot – when you travel by plane is hard enough, but if you are in pants that just don’t allow for any movement or stretch, then you can feel even worse.


The best pants to wear are something stretchy or loose, and this is particularly important if you are also wearing a panty liner. Tight-fitting jeans or other types of pants will not work well. The material should also be nice and soft to give even more comfort. It’s not just a matter of comfort either; if you sit for too long in one place wearing pants that are too tight, your circulation can be affected, and you might even develop deep vein thrombosis. Compression socks can help if you are worried that you could be susceptible.


A Relaxed Top

Again, when it comes to a top, just as with your pants, the more relaxed, the better. If you want to arrive looking neat and chic, don’t choose material that easily wrinkles because it is definitely going to be wrinkled on a plane.


Planes are usually cold places to be due to the air that needs to be circulated around. It’s best in that case to wear long sleeves. Alternatively, wear layers so that you can add a cardigan or sweater to warm up again if you do get chilly.


Layer Up

Layers are an excellent idea for planes for several different reasons. Not only will it allow you to regulate your temperature when you are flying, but it can help when you are on the ground too. Airports can be hot places – there are lots of people rushing through, and they can be stressful too, which will always put your body temperature up – so you might want a t-shirt there. Moving to the lounge and then to the plane, you can add a layer. Then you might be delayed on the runway and get hot again – you can fix that problem immediately.


The point is, wearing layers means that you can ensure you are comfortable and in control, which can help with nerves too.


Your Bag

Don’t forget another important aspect of traveling on a plane; your carry-on luggage. Your carry-on luggage needs to be just as easy and comfortable as everything else you are wearing – it should be lightweight and the right size so that it fits in the overhead compartments or under the seat in front of you.


Avoid anything with studs or zippers that might catch and pull, and you don’t want anything heavy as it could cause a problem trying to store it.

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