What To Do When You Lose Someone You Love

What To Do When You Lose Someone You Love

Losing someone you love is never easy and may cause you to feel a mix of emotions and a lot of grief. You may be at a loss about what to do or how to handle the situation.

There are some tips and ways you can get through this trying time so you can mourn the loss of your loved one and do so in a healthy manner. Having a loss in your life is a challenging time. However, you must stay strong and go through the process of dealing with your feelings so you can try to have some sort of closure and move forward.

Give Yourself Time to Grieve

What’s most important is that you give yourself time to grieve. There is no playbook or right or wrong way to handle the loss of a loved one. What you can do is realise that each grief experience is different and be kind to yourself as you work through your emotions. Avoid rushing it or telling yourself that you shouldn’t be crying or upset. Instead, let it all out and allow yourself the opportunity to release your feelings and thoughts as they arise.

Arrange A Proper Tribute

You can also arrange a proper tribute when you lose someone you love. You want to make sure that you and those that were important to them can come together to celebrate their life. Therefore, get involved in setting up the funeral and securing the perfect funeral flowers for the day of. You want to express your sentiments in all the right ways and you can achieve this goal by making sure the room looks beautiful and everyone who should be there is present.

Find Healthy Ways to Cope

When you lose someone you love you should focus on finding healthy ways to cope. You want to make sure you continue to take good care of yourself and have the most energy possible for getting through this unfortunate time. Commit to finding productive and healthy ways to cope with your emotions by exercising,  spending time in nature, and getting a good night’s sleep as best you can. You’ll find it’s a bit easier to manage your grief and stay in control of your thoughts when you practise self-care even though you’re feeling down.

Remember the Good Times

Most importantly, you can remember all the good times when someone you love passes away. Get out photo albums, go through old letters or emails, and sit down with close friends and family and reminisce about all the fun and blessed times you had together. It’s a positive way to remember your loved one and will likely even put a smile on your face as you think about all the wonderful traits this person had to offer.


You may be hesitant about knowing what to do when you lose someone you love or how to react. Remind yourself that you have the right to be sad and upset and there are no rules or time limits on what feelings you can feel and when. Turn to these tips and you’ll be on your way to finding a healthy and gratifying way to grieve and process your emotions.

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