• What To Do If You Are Feeling Low This Summer

    What To Do If You Are Feeling Low This Summer

    What To Do If You Are Feeling Low This Summer

    While nobody is happy 100% of the time, it’s important that you are able to realise when you might need help and support to feel more like yourself again. Mental health struggles can be incredibly isolating, but you aren’t alone. In fact,  1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England. However, regardless of their triggers, when these problems appear in our lives, it can be hard to figure out what step(s) we should take to move on. 

    With that in mind, here’s some advice you can use if you feel a little low this summer (and beyond).

    • Focus on self-care. Self-care is more than just a way to regain your confidence or treat yourself after a bad day. It can actually work wonders for your mental health due to the fact that it shows you the true value of assessing your varying needs and ensuring they are met. Therefore, if you’re feeling a little low, schedule in some much-needed self-care. 

    • Reach out to a licensed therapist. As with any kind of health condition, reaching out to a professional is one of the easiest ways to tackle your problems head-on. This is because they will be able to provide you with the insight you need to recover, whether they help you to better understand your emotions or put coping mechanisms in place. You can find plenty of affordable counselling services on The Three Seas website. 

    • Get back into exercising. Your mental and physical health are closely linked, meaning that working out or exercising can be a great way to improve your mental and physical health at the same time. However, in order to ensure you stick to your new workout routine, you must find an activity you genuinely enjoy. To put it simply, you don’t have to hit it hard at the gym if that isn’t your thing. Instead, try to find a class that’s a little more your style, such as yoga or even trampolining. 

    • Start talking about how you are feeling. As mentioned above, mental health conditions are incredibly isolating, especially if you don’t want those around you to know what you are going through due to stigma. However, talking about how you are feeling can sometimes be the easiest way to move on. This is because it helps you to open up and discuss things with others, which can help you find solutions to your problems or at least view them through a different light. It also proves that you aren’t alone, which can also take a lot of weight off your shoulders. 

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