What To Do After An Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault

When driving, there are endless possibilities of unexpected events. No matter how defensive your driving skills are, your years of driving experience, or how skilled of a driver you are, you can always find yourself caught up in someone else’s recklessness on the road. For as long as you share the road with other motorists, accidents can happen at any time. So, what do you do after you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault? Take a look at this list below.


  1. Conduct a quick safety exam

If you are driving with others, the first thing you must do after an accident is to make sure that everyone in your vehicle is safe and unharmed. Find out if you, anyone with you, or the other vehicle’s occupants need immediate medical care, and call the ambulance if you need to.


  1. Contact the police

The next important thing you need to do is contact the police, especially if the collision occurs on a public road, as this is a legal requirement. After reaching the police, it is best to remain on the scene until they arrive or until an ambulance gets to the location. While waiting for the police, you should gather all the evidence and information you can find about the collision. You can take pictures or record videos, which will help your case, especially when seeking relief or claims from your insurance company. That is why having a dashcam and car insurance is so important. Regarding car insurance, you should always take the time to compare car insurance options to purchase the right one for you.


  1. Make your statements and avoid admitting fault

When the police get to your scene, they will ask your questions and require statements from you. You should show them the evidence you have gathered, answer their questions to the best of your memory, and avoid admitting fault. If there are specific details you’re not sure of or can’t recollect, you should indicate that. The last thing you want to do is make declarations and statements you’re not sure of, as those could be held in evidence. Also, make sure that you keep all the evidence you have, as it might be challenging to recollect specific details later on.


  1. Contact your insurance company

You’re going to need all the evidence you have when claiming your insurance benefits. Your insurance company may have time limits or deadlines on how soon to contact them, so be sure you don’t wait too long. You might also need evidence of your medical bills, so be sure you have those too. You still need to contact your insurance company even if the accident wasn’t your fault.


  1. Contact a lawyer

Hiring an experienced lawyer is vital to ensure that you get the damages you need. An accident which is no fault of yours can affect your health as well as your finances. With the help of a lawyer, you can get the financial settlement you need to make up for your ordeal.

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