Steps Towards Improving Chronic Pain

Steps Towards Improving Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is considered one of the health problems for which modern medicine has not yet been able to find a complete solution. Although there is a large variety of painkillers, because taking medications for a long period of time can cause health damage, side effects and even addiction, a large proportion of patients try to find other solutions to pain relief. One of those is of course CBD oil, which is non-addictive and has plenty of benefits. For those suffering from chronic pain, here are a number of ways to relieve the problem – without medication and without side effects.  You can buy CBD oil online and look into ways in which it can assist you.

What is CBD?

Unlike psychoactive THC, CBD does not have a psychoactive effect that causes a ‘high’ feeling. The second most famous ingredient in cannabis, CBD , has become synonymous with health. Against the background of exciting research and stories and alongside the fact that it is legal in many countries around the world, the percentages of its use – in inhalation, oil, cosmetics and as a food supplement – are soaring. New audiences have begun to experience the product, including adults who want to experience natural health care as well as children with autism or epilepsy whose parents want them to enjoy the virtues of cannabis without getting high. All over Europe this innocent molecule is considered completely legal . Studies from recent years on the benefits of using this ingredient have led to the development of cannabis strains rich in many percentages of CBD, sometimes even up to 15% or more. They are used to extract oils, ointments, capsules, sprays, mineral water, and even extracts containing up to 99% CBD. These can be used for numerous ailments but one of the top ones is of course chronic pain and health issues. It works in conjunction with other areas too such as your mood, anxiety, aiding with better sleep and more. All of which will contribute to better lifestyles too. Therefore, be sure to consult your GP and learn about the benefits!


Although many of those who suffer from pain avoid exercise, sports activities can actually reduce pain due to the release of endorphins that are known for their pain-reducing effect. Aerobic exercise, stretching, yoga or tai chi, can lead to a reduction in the duration and frequency of pain attacks, help cope with stressful situations, improve sleep quality and even the results of physical therapy treatments. Stretching and yoga, for example, have been found in studies to be effective in relieving chronic back pain. In any case, it is mandatory to be examined by a doctor before starting the activity and consult in order to adjust the activity to your health condition and type of pain.

Keeping generally healthy

Do not smoke, sleep well, eat healthy and even listen to music to relax you. According to many studies, a smoker suffers more from pain, both when it comes to pain resulting from illness and also in cases of rehabilitation after surgery or physical injury. Therefore, if you stop smoking, the level of pain is likely to decrease. With the help of a healthy diet and weight loss in case of excess weight, it is possible to reduce inflammatory processes in the body and load on the joints, therefore reducing pain. Quality and good sleep is also a critical component of body healing, according to any doctor and research in the field. Of course certain supplements also greatly assist this healthy lifestyle. Including turmeric, Omega 3 oils and more.

It turns out that music can also reduce pain! According to research, music reduces anxiety and pain in patients because it encourages the secretion of endorphins and the reduction of cortisol, a hormone secreted in pain conditions. Music also has other benefits too, such as uplifting your mood, therefore, make a playlist dedicated just to this!

Touch therapy

Today you can find a variety of types of contact treatments, the purpose of which is to reduce pain by various means. The old chiropractic, a well-known treatment method in many parts of the world, is accepted by doctors and is considered effective mainly in the aspect of the spine and other joints.  Other common methods are physiotherapy, osteopathy, reflexology, shiatsu and tuina – all methods that are considered to have the ability to influence and improve the amount of pain in the body. Therefore, look at all options and make an informed decision to create better steps into your future.

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