• Sculptshe Shapewear

    Sculptshe Shapewear

    Honestly I am a little bit late on this trend but I am so interested in shape wear now. Since having a baby my stomach has certainly changed, I have quite a pooch now and sometimes it is nice to just bring it in a little bit especially if I want to wear something quite fitted.



    Sculptshe Shapewear

    What is Shapewear?

    I am super excited to share with you what is the best shapewear.

    Firstly it needs to be said I am actually now a size 12/14 even creeping into a size 16 and I promote body positivity. I love my body even more now after having a child. Our bodies are beautiful, however it can be hard to feel confident. Shapewear has that ability to completely change your look and make you feel beautiful and sexy.

    Sculptshe shape wear

    Types of Shapewear?

    They have the best body shaper which is pretty much what every woman wants, lets face it. We all have rolls some more than others. Tummy control shape wear is a absolute game changer. If you are wearing a dress it can give you such a gorgeous shape and even with a pair of jeans, leggings literally everything.

    Now I bet you are thinking, yes it all sounds great but what about when you need to go to the restroom and you have to take all this shape wear off. That was my thoughts too.

    Now there is shape wear that have crotch buckles which make it more convenient for the restroom. The shape wear also has reverse zippers so you can absolutely not see anything through your clothes. Comfort is no question there are adjustable shoulder straps to fit any size.

    Talking of sizing this shape wear ranges from sizes Small to 6XL which is absolutely insane, I have found it so difficult to find shape wear to cater for plus size women.

    I am now on a journey to lose some weight just so I can be a little bit more healthier for my family. I want to improve my health. There are so many easy ways of doing this now including a side zipper shapewear. The waist trainers have zipper designs for easy wear and tear, three waistbands that can be adjusted.

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