My Goals For 2022

MY 2022 Goals

Today’s post is going to be My Goals For 2022.

Happy New year everybody, we are already in February and I can’t quite believe it. I felt like January proper dragged though… didn’t you?

I never thought I would be where I am today with my blog, Youtube and Instagram. I am honestly so excited for this year with my career and  I am going to share my goals that I would like to hit by the end of the year.

Also I am going to share my personal goals too.

Personal Goals


To start of my goals for 2022, My health has always been quite a challenging one, I was diagnosed with graves disease when I was 15 years old. I will never forget that day because I was so poorly with hyperthyroidism that I was treat for and now I have hypothyroidism. I feel that Hypothyroidism can be managed so much better than the other one.

I feel like I have never had much luck with my health whilst I was pregnant I developed a pelvis abscess and my life felt like it was coming to an end. I was in a very low place in my life because of the daily pain I was in.

Post Pregnancy

Now I have my beautiful daughter and I have been treat with antibiotics and I can finally live my life again.

I’m always tell myself things could be worse and think of other situations.

Anyway I am rambling but my goal with my health is just to take each day as it comes and deal with things head on!

Drink More Water

Now after I have been recently diagnosed with Kidney Disease from the pelvis abscess I have been told to go on a very important and particular diet and drink lots of water.

I never drank enough water through the years and I really regret that because I have developed Kidney Stones to many times and damaged my Kidneys.

MY 2022 Goals

Believe In Myself

I can not stress this one enough, I really have got to start believing in myself more. I said to myself when I first started my Influencer career I wanted to work with brands and get 1,000 subscribers on Youtube.

I said I wanted to get PR from brands and create amazing high quality content. MY biggest goal was to make an income from my Blog and Youtube.

I have done this now, I have reached them goals….. yet I am still doubting myself saying I am not good enough and I need to get better.

What I am trying to say here is that I have set these goals, I have now reached them and I am not appreciating that and realising what I have achieved. I think we are all guilty of this, we never see what we have achieved and just blame ourselves for what we haven’t got.

I will believe in myself more!

Stop Spending

I am definitely guilty of buying to much and spending money on things that aren’t really important. I want to be more wiser with money this year and start to save for more important things.

Career Goals

I have so many career goals but the main ones are:

  • I would like to achieve 3,000 followers on Instagram
  • I would like to get to 3,000 subscribers on Youtube
  • I would love to keep growing my blog further too
  • I would like to get on to Soap and glory PR list ( my dream)

This year already I have achieved so much with all of the above, I am so grateful for the brand collaborations and the opportunities I am getting at the moment.

I have a good feeling about this year.

Blogging Goals

I want to blog more, I would like to spend more time writing for my blog and reviewing more products. I would definitely like to grow my blog and work on bigger and better collaborations.

I can not thank the brands enough that have worked with me even when I first started, I have had so many amazing people to meet and work with.

I really hope you have enjoyed reading my goals for 2022. What are yours let me know in the comments 🙂

Take care and remember these are goals if you don’t hit them in the specific time it doesn’t matter you are still working hard and trying, just keep going.

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