• How To Keep Hydrated This Summer

    How To Keep Hydrated This Summer

    How To Keep Hydrated This Summer

    How to keep hydrated this summer, it is finally summer! Well some days it feels like it other days it doesn’t. I swear some days I have had to put the central heating on, anyways completely of topic. It is finally summer and it is so important to keep hydrated. I am not the best at this, I literally forget to drink throughout the day.

    Now we are going on days out, adventures we need to be aware and stay hydrated.

    I have a 18 month old and she honestly drinks more than me, every time I make myself a cup of tea it is cold by the time I go to it and I personally like my cold drinks to be freezing cold. It can be quite annoying to keep making a cup of tea and a waste or microwaving it over and over.

    Now there are half gallon water bottle  that can keep your drinks hot or cold. Protect the temperature of your water with KEEPTO double-walled vacuum insulated water bottle. Like I said by the time I get to my drink its either to warm or cold, so this is perfect for literally anyone including mums like me.

    This bottle is BPA free which means there are no nasty chemicals. Avoids the polymers, plasticisers and other synthetic elements found in other bottles. It is stainless steel and it doesn’t leak or sweat. The bottle is also very easy to clean, wide mouth and has a silicone protective sleeve.

    This bottle keeps your drinks cold for more than 36 hours and keeps them hot for 24 hours.

    The packaging of the bottle is kind of what matters to me, I am a sucker for a nice pretty water bottle. This bottle is a stunning ombre kind of style, this would make a fantastic choice for a gift. It includes three lids, a straw, a sponge brush and a silicone sleeve. It has a straw lid for easy sipping while screw-top lid for easy opening. Silicone loop on the stainless steel lid can be secured to a bag which makes it very compact and suitable for anywhere.

    The gift box packaging makes it a wonderful idea for a gift.

    There are also a few different colour options to choose from and sizes, pink/blue, gossy black, matt black, purple/pink, purple/rose/red etc.

    I think this bottle is a great option to keep your drinks cool and hot.

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