How To Deal With Appointment Anxiety

How To Deal With Appointment Anxiety

Appointment anxiety is a common issue. Whether it is attending a timely appointment or having to be reviewed that causes your anxiety, there are certain ways to deal with it. Instead of spending your time worrying about attending your next appointment, follow these coping mechanisms to keep your anxiety at bay.

Find a friendly practice

The pandemic may have caused a heightened sense of anxiety about health, which is understandable. Once the restrictions ease and life goes back to some kind of normal, attending healthcare appointments may feel a little easier. For the time being and whilst you still feel anxious about attending an appointment, it can be useful relocating to a friendlier practice. If you feel that the lack of comfort at your current practice is causing your anxiety, it can be worth finding a place that makes you feel welcome and at ease. A dental practice such as puts patient comfort first and is a great place for those that suffer from appointment anxiety.

Arrive early

Arriving early to an appointment can reduce the panic and reduce the fear that can be caused by being late. Ensuring you are there and checked in on time means that you are prepared for the appointment. Waiting in the waiting room is a good time to take deep breaths and collect yourself before you go in. You won’t want to arrive late and feel flustered, as this could heighten the anxiety and make you fear your next appointment.

Let the staff know

Talking about your anxiety may seem scary but it offers many benefits. It can help to make the staff aware of your anxiety so that they can help you if you need assistance. Letting them know will also ensure they make the experience as comfortable as possible and not put too much pressure on you.

Take someone with you

Although it is important to be independent and try to deal with your anxiety yourself, as you cannot always have someone with you, taking someone might help. If your anxiety is quite bad for a certain appointment, then taking a friend or family member may help put you at ease. Although they may not be able to come into the appointment with you, knowing they are waiting for you and there if you need them can help relax your mind and help the anxiety decrease.

Listen to something through headphones

It can be easy to let the waiting room get the best of you. As you know it might be your turn next, this can cause anxiety to increase, especially if you are sitting in silence. You may benefit from listening to music or a podcast before going into your appointment. Listening to this in headphones will help you focus on yourself and the noise passing through the headphones. It can help you relax and put your mind at ease by not focusing on what’s around you and about to happen.

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