How Kids Impact Your Lifestyle (The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

How Kids Impact Your Lifestyle (The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Kids are probably the thing in your life that has the most impact on your lifestyle. When they arrive on the scene, everything changes – even your attitude towards life itself.


But why is this? Why is their impact so great? Let’s find out.


They’re There For You When You Get Older


Before you have kids, you worry about who will be there for you when you get older. You spent a lot of your time thinking about being old and lonely.


But once children arrive on the scene, you have a bit of security. All of a sudden, advancing in years doesn’t seem so terrifying. There will always be someone there to look after you, even when things go wrong.


They Remind You Of What It Was Like To Be A Child


Kids can also positively influence your lifestyle by reminding you what it was like to be a child. If you’re somebody who spends all their time working, you might need this nudge. Kids show you that you can make play and joy out of just about anything. They have an irrepressible exuberance about them that’s hard for anyone to pin down. Letting it flourish can be liberating for both parent and child.


You Don’t Have As Much Time For Yourself


Naturally, there are some downsides too, namely that you don’t have as much time as before for yourself. You can’t just take off on a long weekend or go into town and get your nails done. You’re forever chained to your kids. Their concerns are your concerns.


You Spend A Lot More Time Being A Teacher


As a partner, you’re usually a lover. But as a parent, you’re more of a teacher. If you’re not helping your teens through a challenging time, you’re showing a toddler how to ride a bicycle. There’s always some knowledge of wisdom that you have that your child needs.


Playing this teacher role changes how you see yourself. It makes you feel responsible and gives you a reason for getting up in the morning.


You Think More About The Future


When you’re single and don’t have kids, you spend a lot of time in the present. You schedule the weeks around your preferred activities and don’t really think much about years or decades in the future.


However, when you have children, what happens twenty, thirty or fifty years from now seems to matter a lot more. You’re not just looking out for your life, but theirs too.


You Begin To Enjoy Different Forms Of Entertainment


If you enjoy watching movies or reading books for pleasure right now, that will soon change. When you become a parent, you’ll notice that your kids increasingly become a source of entertainment and occupation. You gear your time towards them to the point where you really don’t have space in the day to indulge in a Netflix series.


So, how have kids impacted your lifestyle? Or if you don’t have kids yet, how does reading this make you feel? Are you looking forward to it?

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