How COVID 19 Has Impacted Employment

How COVID 19 Has Impacted Employment

We know that the Pandemic has affected everyone in different ways, whether that means seeing family, work, mental health, finances etc.

There has been a huge impact on every single persons life in one way or another and unfortunately we are still dealing with it to this day. Lets talk about how COVID 19 has impacted employment because money makes this world go round and we all need a job.

At one point in the Pandemic nobody could go to work which meant nobody could pay their bills, I remember we had a newborn baby as soon as the Pandemic arrived and it was the most frightening time ever. We were worried how we were going to support our family, however people not being able to go to work was also causing other problems like mental health. Our routines were so out of tune and every one was suffering.

Not only has the Pandemic affected our lives physically but also financially, my partner was trying to get a new car during this time for his new job and everything just came to a standstill. The car has took over 9 months to arrive and now we have the fuel rises.

I am sorry but I can not get my head around how people are coping these days even with car sales, everything is going up in price, food, clothes, cars and now petrol. We need petrol to get to work and important appointments etc. It honestly is so stressful with keeping up with finances at the moment and is getting harder by the minute.

However there are companys and websites out there that still want to help us keep our head above water and one of the most stressful thing is buying a new car. If you have a calculator or some financial help and advise then the stress can be took away easily.

If you are looking to get a loan out there are calculators that can also help.

This post is in collaboration, however all opinions are my own.

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