High Paying Affiliate Programs For Beginner Bloggers

High Paying Affiliate Programs For Beginner Bloggers

High Paying Affiliate Programs For Beginner Bloggers

How do you find companies with affiliate programs that are accepting beginner bloggers?

The thought of making passive income whilst you sleep is very appealing and exciting. I have been trying to find out this information over the past year now for my own blog. So now I am sharing what I know with you.

Affiliate marketing can be for some people the main source of income, it pays a lot.

They’re are a lot of bloggers out there that earn between $200 – $50,000 per month from affiliate sales alone but I want to use this post to talk about my experience.

Please be advised this post contains affiliate links and any purchase made through, will earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you.


How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

Before going into affiliate programs you want to get your self set up with a blog. Affiliate programs are usually only accepting people who have their own platform. Obviously you can use affiliate marketing with social media, but I do recommend having a blog.

I have a blog post on: 7 Things I wish I knew before starting a blog  which can really help before starting a blog.

Also I have a blog post on: How To Start A Blog


5 High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginner Bloggers


Awin is the affiliate program I use mostly, I find it pays really well and it has a lot of brands on their such as, Beauty Bay,Fiverr, Missguided and many more amazing brands.

They have a plugin that you can install that automatically monetises your blog and turns your links in to affiliate links.

With access to over 6,000 advertisers, in every kind of niche. The only catch is they require a £5 admission fee but you get that back with your first payout.


2. Amazon Associates

Amazon associates is a great platform to start of with because everyone uses Amazon. You can literally find anything on Amazon whatever niche you are looking for. I think Amazon Associates is a great one to start of with.

Amazon doesn’t offer a crazy big commission but they are a trusted website, people trust Amazon straight away and they offer everything you could think of.

So that means if someone clicks your link and fills there basket up with £50 of products, you get a cut of that sale even if that person didn’t buy the product they originally clicked on.

I hope this blog post has given you a little insight on how to get started with affiliate marketing.

Sign up to the high paying affiliate programs mentioned above and start earning!

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