Free Online Video Games

Free Online Video Games

This takes me back oh my goodness, who remembers when you were younger playing online games. I use to get way to obsessed with the fish games, zoo tycoon etc. I feel now that I can’t find games online, everything requires you to download an app or download a file. I just can’t be bothered to be honest.

Until I found these free online video games I am totally shocked at how simple and easy it is to play games. So for me I scrolled down to the simulation games tab because thats my kind of vibe. I love sims, shopping centre games etc.

I have been playing this game called tap supermarket and I can’t believe how easy and quickly it loaded, within seconds you can play the game in your web browser page, so simple!

There are also other games in this category Flight Sim where you have to guide the plane to the runway and landing pad. How cool, I love this one the most to be honest. With out crashing like I did quite a few times, this game is super fun.

There are so many other categories of games Simulation, base defense, Pinball, Retro Pixels even arcade classics and tons more!

Pacrat is the coolest game, gives me so much Nostalgia to when I was a kid.

The best thing about this site is there are no paid upgrades, adverts begging you to pay which is just not what you need when your playing a good game. The amount of times I have come of a game because of adverts and payment requests popping up.

No need to register or verify, literally games at your fingertips. No need for all that chaos of verifying emails and registering.

The best thing about these games for me is no lagging or glitching, I feel the the site runs so smooth.

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