Be The Best Cheerleader In Your Kid’s Life’

Be The Best Cheerleader In Your Kid’s Life’

Your kids are your pride and joy, your heart walking around outside your body. You clapped and cheered at every milestone in their first few months, from the first smile, word, to crawling and taking those first unsteady steps. You constantly say you loved them, giving a smile and tight hug. But as they grow older and start to understand more, your cheering becomes moderate. They should know that you love them and you’re proud of them, right? It should be obvious, you’re their parent with unconditional love.


Say It Loud, Say It Proud

Whatever your munchkin does, you feel proud, especially in cases where you know that the particular subject or act is hard to learn and they figured it out. You feel your chest swell with pride, and your smile can’t be bigger. But what do you do then? Just a pat on the back and move on to the next thing? For an adult, that makes sense. Time to climb the next mountain is already second nature to us. But for your kid, this is monumental, and 70% of why they worked so hard to achieve the outcome is to make you proud of them. So give them the proper acknowledgement they crave. Shout, clap, do a happy dance, give a kiss and a hug. It might seem silly to you, but it doesn’t matter how old they become. They will never forget those moments.

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Reprimand And Give Support

On the flip side, there will be many times where they can’t get the hang of it. So you explain it one more time and pray that they will finally get it. But again, no. Don’t blow up. It is elementary for you because you have already learned it, even though it was years ago. For them, it’s brand-spanking-new, and if they see you getting agitated, they will start fearing and hating the learning process. If you really tried all ways to explain the subject, like English, instead get an English tutor to help. They have unique methods that are tried and tested to work. But suppose you see that your kid is not concentrating due to other reasons, like electronic distractions. In that case, it doesn’t stop you from reprimanding them. You need to know the line.


Carrots And Not The Wip

There will be some tasks that will require extra motivation, the carrot. Promising an incentive, like a milkshake, when they complete a task or accomplish a new subject will make your kid work harder and earnestly to get it done. Don’t overdo it, and promise an incentive on each and every learning experience! Keep it for those you know will require the extra push.


Just like a young plant that needs constant nourishment and tender care, your child, no matter the age group, needs constant reminding and actions. Of course, they might know deep down that you love them, and you are proud of them. But the less it’s said, the more faint the reminder in their heads, especially when they are learning new things in life. It can be either sports, subjects or ad hoc tasks.

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