A Little Pampering Goes A Long Way On A Bad Day

Been having a tough day? Maybe a tough week? Sometimes, the whole month can feel like a write-off. While there’s nothing wrong with letting yourself feel a little miserable when you’re having a miserable time, it can be a good thing to find ways to pick yourself back up, as well. Here, we’re going to look at some of the ways you can treat and pamper yourself at home when you’re having an awful day.

Give yourself a full wellness routine

Don’t make taking care of yourself a treat that you “allow yourself” to have every now and then. Make sure that it’s part of your routine. A little physical activity followed up by the right hobby to unwind with, from simply listening back and listening to music to knitting or being creative can help you work out your stress and clear your mind with something that gets you a little back to your own groove. Make this part of your wellness routine and it can improve your mental well-being in general.


Enjoy a treat that’s a little out of the ordinary

While chocolate can certainly help you get out of the dumps, sometimes you want to treat yourself as deserving something a little more than some sweets out of the shop. The feeling of something exclusive, of something special, can go a long way in helping you feel that self-love. To that end, you can learn how to make bubble tea in your very own home. Usually, people have to line up to enjoy this drink, rapidly exploding in popularity as it is, but you can indulge in it all on your own at home.


Bubbles in the bath, too

It might be a bit of a cliche, but that’s for a good reason. There are few things that feel as good as letting the warm water soak all of the achiness and tiredness out of your muscles, while the scents of your bath lotion and aromatherapy candles help you sink into a deeper state of zen. Preparing a spa-like experience in the bath with a book or some sounds on can help you totally retreat from the world to enjoy that bit of privacy, peace, and tenderness that can make all of the difference.


Get away from the screens

You might quite like the idea of lounging around and watching a film or your favourite YouTuber after a tough day, but the truth is that being constantly plugged into screens can stress you out just as much as anything else. If you want a little media to keep your brain occupied, why not settle down with an audiobook or some music. Find a place to sit in the garden or by the window and soak in the sun while you enjoy the peace of not having to be constantly engaged by screens.


With the tips above, you don’t need to force yourself out of the house or do anything too strenuous. You can offer yourself some luxury and relaxation all from the comfort of your home.

This post is in collaboration, however all opinions are my own.

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