A Few Ways To Look After Yourself This Winter

A Few Ways To Look After Yourself This Winter

Lets talk about how to look after ourselves this winter, I am currently 29 weeks pregnant so I need to look after myself definitely but I notice a lot of people start to feel down and miserable when the winter comes around. Here are a few ways to keep yourself perked up.

Keep Wrapped Up

It is really important to keep warm and wrapped up in this weather, it’s my favourite time of the year because I love the snugly warm jumpers and scarves. I also love the teddy coats that come out in the winter. Keep warm by wearing something comfortable and get all snugly!

I love to also get warm and snugly inside the house, I love the warm blankets, the heaters are on and wearing a dressing gown and slippers. Having a cosy warm bath and a hot chocolate and marshmallows after is also the BEST!

Take Time For Yourself

I think this one is important all year round really but, take care of yourself. Run yourself a bath and put in some relaxing bubble bath. Listen to some music, have a glass of wine or tea and just relax.

Watch your favourite TV show. Play car games. Whatever it is you enjoy, make a little time for it.

Also its important to take care of your skin in the winter especially, I find I can start to break out and get very dry skin and also my lips suffer badly. The lip scrubs from LUSH are amazing, my favourite is the sugar plum fairy!

Spend time with your family

This is especially important if you are feeling down, some people can get very badly affected by the condition SAD where as soon as the sun goes in they feel miserable and can go into a depressed state. Make sure you keep talking to your family if you do feel this is happening. Family is so important!

Make yourself feel good

However you want to do this, whether you will do this by treating yourself to something or doing something you enjoy. I find simple things like cleaning the house or decorating the house keeps me really happy. Lighting some candles and my wax melts keeps me so happy!

Do what you love, if you love blogging then chuck yourself into it and fall into that, if you love your job dive in to it! Whatever you enjoy doing, do it and make yourself feel good.

I hope you enjoyed this post, until next time xoxo

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