5 Ways To Feel Your Best Self This Summer

5 Ways To Feel Your Best Self This Summer

Summer is almost here, which means a lot of time outdoors, planning vacations, spending time at the beach, and enjoying quality moments with family, friends, and neighbors at the local pool. It can often be easier said than done if you’re uncomfortable with your appearance and not feeling your best. I have a few ways to help you build that confidence back up instead of feeling stuck indoors for the next few months. You’re going to love how it enables you to feel incredible again just with a few of these tips! 


  1. Treat Yourself: This can be as simple as booking a nail day with your best friend, going on a long walk with your dog, or even just booking that spray-on tan to give you an instant glow without having to step foot in the sun. There are so many ways to treat yourself that can be an instant mood changer! Some people instantly feel great when their skin is tan and glowy, and there are several variations of a good tan that might be best for you, so you come off looking like you just spent hours at the beach. 


2. Strength Training: Have you felt unmotivated or just aren’t enjoying some areas of your body? Start by incorporating some strength training in your workouts to tone up your muscles and help make sure you feel great in your new summer outfit. The resistance exercise focuses on muscular contractions, improving your strength and endurance, improving your physical strength, and toning your body. Start by trying workout challenges, like 30-days of squats or 25-days of following along with strength training YouTube videos. Don’t be intimidated, and ask a few friends to join you to motivate and keep one another accountable. 


3. Shopping: Need I say more? Sometimes a brand new outfit, accessory, or handbag can instantly make you feel confident, especially this summer. If you aren’t sure, ask the sales employees to help find what would work best with your shape, or even find someone with a similar body shape as you on social media who posts about fashion. There are several items of clothing that might not look best on the hanger, but when worn correctly to your body type, it can accentuate the right curves in a way you never thought possible. I love wearing a comfortable maxi dress with cute flip flops for a casual look that is easy to dress up or down throughout the day. Having empowering clothing instantly can change your mood and confidence. 

5 Ways To Feel Your Best Self This Summer


4. Book A Consultation For A Trouble Spot: Similar to treating yourself, if you’ve been noticing an area you need help with, book a consultation to help boost your self-esteem. For instance, many women go through hair loss after having children, and they are left with a few bald spots that they can become extremely self-conscious about. Instead of trying to grow your hair back, there is another way to help! Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation is there to assist. Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical treatment option for those looking for a full head of hair using small microdot tattoos that mimic actual hair follicles! Founded by Jeff Villenas, his skills have helped thousands of clients feel their best self over the years and incorporating scalp micropigmentation in the Los Angeles area. He is highly sought out by men and women alike. 


5. Gratitude Journal: Another way to instantly boost your mood is by writing down what you are grateful for. I like to do this when I first wake up and before bed to start and end my day on the right foot. There are various notebooks or journals for you to choose from to write down three or four things you are grateful for each day. Then at night, I write a few sentences to journal about how my day went. This helps to keep things in perspective and ground me. 


The summer months are supposed to be when you feel your best, feel confident, and enjoy being among friends, family, and the outdoors. Of course, you don’t need to be feeling your best the entire time, but working on a few of these tips to help you every day is the ticket. 

This post is in collaboration, however all opinions are my own.

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