4 Ways To Make Money From Home During Lockdown

4 ways to make money from home during lockdown

4 Ways To Make Money From Home During Lockdown

Many individuals are keenly looking for legitimate opportunities to make money while working from home. This is due to pay cuts, job losses and stay-at-home restrictions resulting from the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the unemployment rate between September and November last year was 5%, reflecting an increase over the previous three months. Are you looking for ways to earn some good cash while locked down at home? Here are some ways you can do so.

Here are 4 ways to make money from home during lockdown:

  1. Sell stuff online

Do you have something you haven’t used for the last 12 months? You can earn some good cash selling it online. Additionally, you can create personal items like jewellery and other handmade items to sell. There are several online trading platforms to help you do this, such as eBay and Amazon. You can get paid via PayPal and gift cards as well.

Besides making some money from this, you also get to declutter your home from all the items choking up your space. Before selling your stuff on the internet, check for similar items to have a good idea of how much you should price your property.

  1. Redeem reward points

You’re missing out on so much money if you’re not cashing in on your credit card rewards. Are you wondering how to redeem them amid the pandemic? As you most likely know, numerous prizes are travel-related. It may be hotel discounts, miles or vehicle rentals. As you may not be travelling so much due to the pandemic, you most likely aren’t recovering these prizes too. Fortunately, you do have alternative options like identity protection or newspaper subscription. While those may not be as exciting as your travels, it’s better not to allow your rewards to go waste.

  1. Be smart with your investments

Although the stock exchange has been unstable, you can still securely invest for good returns. For instance, bonds cushion you while providing you with an additional revenue source. The same applies to mutual funds and CDs. At present, it’s advisable to avoid investing in long-term bonds to manage the risk of losing your cash due to inflation. Thankfully, platforms like FP Markets offer CFD trading and excellent insight into trading several assets like equities, cryptocurrencies, and other commodities.

  1. Get paid for your opinion

Do you know your opinion matters? There’s enormous demand for data on public opinions, and you can earn so much from it too. A few websites and companies will pay you to fill in or conduct online surveys, quizzes, and product reviews. Although it isn’t the most lucrative gig out there, it’s an excellent source of extra income if you have spare time on your hands. Moreover, completing surveys is easy, and you can do them right on your phone without leaving your home.

Despite the several ways you can make money while at home, beware of work-from-home rip-offs. Avoid paying money to secure a job or get listed for any opportunity. If you have to pay, there’s a good chance it’s a scam. However, there are good opportunities for full time and part-time jobs.

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