4 Ideas To Be More Body Positive’

Body positivity means that everyone deserves to feel amazing about their body, regardless of what society perceives the ‘perfect body’ to be. For many people, it’s not always easy to have a positive body image. Lots of individuals are prone to self-criticism, and feeling pressured to look a certain way. Practicing body positivity takes a conscious effort. To help you, here are some key ideas.


1 . Practice mantras


One super easy way to practice body positivity is to use positive mantras. Speaking about your body with love can help you to establish positive thought patterns, and reduce negative worries. Here are a few body positive mantras taken from, Shaklee,

to give you a few ideas:


‘I am grateful for everything my body allows me to do.

I will treat my body with love and respect.

I am beautiful.

I will not compare myself to anyone else.’


Being more positive can take a little time, so don’t worry if it doesn’t come naturally overnight. Set yourself small goals, and keep on working at all.



2. Get inspired


If you need some inspiration there are plenty of resources that you might like to check out. Try listening to body positive podcasts including ‘Eat The Rules’ and ‘Break The Diet Cycle’. You might also try using body positive apps like ‘Body Love + Acceptance Exercises.’ There are lots of sources of inspiration out there which can help you to find motivation and get plenty of useful tips.


3. Nurture your body


Being body positive is about nurturing your body. Give your body lots of nutritious and healthy foods, and don’t be afraid to indulge in a few treats every now and then. Create a fun exercise regime to boost your endorphins. Treat your body to everything from massages to aromatherapy.


There are so many different ways that you can nurture your body. Body positivity is all about celebrating your body, treating it right, and learning to love the skin you’re in. Many of us have built up a negative image of our own bodies, and it can take a little while to unlearn this kind of behavior. Journaling is a great exercise to help you make progress with your body image.


4. Don’t focus on the scales


It’s fine to have weight loss goals, but obsessing over how much you weigh isn’t healthy. Instead of focusing on a number on the scales, focus on helping yourself to feel good inside and out. When you’re approaching weight loss goals, be sure to do so in a healthy way. Try not to be too over critical of your weight, and attempt to make the experience fun. Here are a few things you might try:


  • Challenge yourself to learn a few new healthy recipes.
  • Try a fun fitness activity, whether it’s a dance class or paddleboarding.
  • Exercise with your friends so that you can support one another.


Whilst these tips are fine for general use, if you have an eating disorder you’ll need to access further support. You might consult your doctor, and work with a dietitian for eating disorders to help you make progress.

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