4 Dining Room Tips that Will Blow You Away

4 Dining Room Tips that Will Blow You Away

Whether your dining area is connected to your kitchen or you have a whole area dedicated to it, you can’t deny that it deserves a bit of attention. This is the space that’s practical, functional, it’s where guests come for dinner, so this is a place that needs to be beautiful. Even if you never see yourself throwing a dapper dinner party at your home, this is one of the more frequent rooms that get attention regardless. So how can you make a gorgeous dining room? 

What are some things that need to be kept in mind when decorating this? Most importantly, how can you make it look cosy? You’ll find out about all of that here!

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Think about the width of the table

You want to make sure you pick a table that’s not too small as it will be too difficult to have guests over for meals. But you also need to make sure that the dining room and the complementing set of chairs aren’t too big for your space either. That’s only going to make it more tight and awkward to navigate your dining room. So begin by measuring out the space that you intend to put your dining table. Once you measure the space you can then begin to choose the table size.

1100mm is mostly chosen for being the optimal size as this allows for décor, candles, glassware, centerpieces, and dinnerware to all be elegantly placed onto the table. This is great for conversations and it boosts the calming atmosphere that a dining room should have. Afterward, you can go ahead and get a table and matching chairs, marble dining sets are so enchanting and will instantly make your dining room look like a Michelin-star restaurant!

Add a rug

What separates an upper-scale restaurant from the homely dining room Is going to be the rug. At restaurants, it tends to be hardwood or marble flooring while the options for dining rooms for homes can have unlimited options. The dining room tends to a very “hard” room. The flooring is hard, the table has sharp corners, and depending on your chairs, there may be a lack of cushion. But adding a rug instantly allows the space to appear soft.  If you opt into getting a rug, one simple rule is that the rug should be 600mm wider than the table on all sides.

Consider the lighting

The focal point of a dining room is going to be the dining set, right? While this may be the case you want to surround the focal point to ensure that is stats are the spotlight of the room. So how can you do this? One way is through lighting. The key to having a great dining room also lies on the lighting itself. This is going to help in creating that comforting atmosphere. While plenty of light fixtures is offered, the two best would be either a chandelier for extravagancy or something a little more simple such as a pendant light.  

This decorative design element is going to help define the space, plus it’s a great home upgrade that’s bound to make your neighbors jealous.

Create interest through art

You’ve most likely been to plenty of restaurants, right? What are some decorative elements that you picked up while visiting?  Maybe you’ve noticed little centerpieces on the table, table cloths, special dinnerware, but what about the surroundings around the table? You’ll often find that walls are covered in art. You can expect large co-op pieces, shelving, and so much more. 

So why not apply these to your dining room? Don’t be afraid to create some fun interest!  Your dining room should be more than just a table and chairs. Allow for accessories! You would decorate a coffee table, so why not a dining room table?

There are plenty of tutorials online on how you can create the perfect centerpiece, but you can even go with something simple such as a vase with some fresh-cut flowers. Overall, don’t be afraid to test it out. So what about the walls?  Well, when it comes to your walls, the options can be limited too. Why not place some large landscapes of nature or other natural elements onto your wall? It’s a great conversation starter piece and it adds a lot of depth to the room as well. If you have a window, make sure to use an elegant curtain to add some framing to the walls.

In general, it doesn’t need to be difficult to decorate a dining room. You can create something absolutely beautiful and it doesn’t even need to be expensive either! 

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