How To Become A Daily Vlogger

I have been asked so many times to give some tips on how I daily vlog, I have a YouTube channel that is over a year old now and I have only realised if you want something so bad then you have to put so much work in and turn up to work every single day. Here are my tips:


  • Consistency: try to get your camera/phone out for the whole day and vlog as much as you can, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s your life it’s about what you do in your day. It can be very hard to make good content every single day so try your best.
  • Filming: Film every single day start of in the morning and work your way through the day, let people in to your real life. There is no point in being someone else other wise you will have to act for the camera every single day and you will get tired. Be yourself and people will fall in love with you.
  • Editing: I like to edit every single evening so it is ready for the next day, daily vlogging takes a lot of work but I love it and its worth it.

There my tips for daily vlogging, I have only just started vlogging daily and I feel like I’ve opened up and let you see my life properly.


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