• About Me

    Hey There!

    Welcome to my Lifestyle blog, over here we talk about everything you can think of. I also share some great tips on how blogging works and how I became a blogger.

    My name is Melissa I initially started this blog to share beauty products and work with brands but over the years after having children I have realised my passion isn’t just makeup it is writing about anything and working with brands.

    I love blogging, I am so proud of my blog and now I share lots of information on how to start your own blog and make money because lets face it thats what we all want to know 🙂

    A Little Bit About Me

    I am a content creator on Youtube, Instagram and my website. I love creating vlog style videos such as a day in the life, B&M hauls, Primark hauls etc even clean with me’s.

    I would love for you to come and say hello over on my social medias:

    Youtube – Itsmelissajayn

    Instagram- @Itsmelissajayn

    Twitter- @Itsmelissajayn

    Tiktok- Itsmelissajayn


    Please feel free to email me if you want to work with me or if you just want a chat 🙂