Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues

So as you guys might already know I got engaged on new years eve, I am still in absolute shock about this I feel like its surreal. I am so so happy because i know that Liam is the one for me, you just know these things. However I haven’t even thought about all the planning I will need to do. I am going to need to sort out wedding dress, food, guests and venues etc. I literally can not wait to start planning but I know it will be very stressful.

I have never really know exactly where I want to get married, I think my dream has always been abroad but that it quite expensive these days. I had a look at the wedding venues in Surrey and was looking at the top 10 places to get married. It’s definitely important to find somewhere that means a lot to you both as it’s the biggest day of your life.

I have a few ideas of where I want to get married but It’s always good to have a look at some of the popular places, there are a lot of wedding venues in Berkshire also. I would love to get married somewhere far away from home so its kind of like a small holiday maybe in Scotland I have always thought of. I need to find some where soon because I always leave things to the last-minute, but I think with this I need to plan way in ahead, some people plan years before. There are also some great venues in Hampshire wedding venues. I’m just so busy with my work in blogging and you tube at the moment that I have not been planning at all. Also we haven’t set a date to get married yet.

I think this is always going to be a fun task to plan your wedding, it’s the best day of your life and you need to make it special. I am so excited, because me and Liam have such a connection were so fine with each others weirdness that I know i will be able to be myself. I think its important to be with someone like that.

I love to read blog posts about people who have planned their wedding, but i know some people actually get wedding planners in place for them because it can be so stressful whilst running a family, full-time job etc. I honestly don’t really know what I am doing yet. My mums very good at planning things and so am i, so if we put our heads together i think we could handle it.

We have both decided also that we don’t want everyone coming, just close family and friends. We don’t want to go crazy on it either because it is expensive and we want to get everything perfect. I have really enjoyed writing about this post, I am so in love with the whole wedding idea so im super excited and i will keep you guys updated with everything. I will do things in stages so i will keep you guys updated.

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