• The Ultimate Guide To Being Ready For When COVID-19 Restrictions Ease

    The Ultimate Guide To Being Ready For When COVID-19 Restrictions Ease

    The Ultimate Guide To Being Ready For When COVID-19 Restrictions Ease

    In a world of lockdowns, face masks, and a global pandemic, you’d be forgiven for wondering whether it was even possible to feel good all the time. However, with freedom around the corner, it won’t be long before we’re back out there enjoying the sunny weather and our favourite pubs, bars and restaurants again. If you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps, then here’s how to get ready for when restrictions ease and you can head back outside and enjoy yourself once again.



    1. Get Your Hygiene In Order


    With nowhere to go and nobody to see, you’d forgiven for letting your personal hygiene slip during the pandemic. In fact, according to Dr Alistair of Mona Vale Dental, dental hygiene, in particular, has taken a dip during the last twelve months. It’s now more important than ever to get your personal hygiene back on track in readiness for a social outing with your family or friends once restrictions ease. You should be brushing your teeth twice a day, and flossing them every other. This way you’ll achieve fresh breath, a pearly white smile, and healthy gums. Take a shower or bath at least once a day too. Now that the weather is improving, you’re going to be sweating a lot more and it’s important to start wearing fresh clothes every day once again. No more living in your favourite lockdown hoodie and tracksuit bottoms! It’s time to dress up.


    2. Shed That Excess Weight


    If lockdown hasn’t left you quite as light as you’d have liked, then it’s time to shed that excess weight and get your body back to where it was before COVID-19 first hit. With gyms having been shut for months now, it’s been tough to find fun ways to exercise at home if you don’t enjoy going on long runs. However, an activity like yoga could really help to tone you up while improving your muscular definition and core strength. It can even help you sleep better too if practised regularly meaning you’ll be well-rested for a night of partying when you’re allowed back out there. What’s most important is feeling confident in your own skin, as this will enable you to truly enjoy yourself when you’re allowed back out.


    3. Book Your Favourite Venues


    With everybody in your neighbourhood eager to get back outdoors, you’ll have to be organised if you want to get back into the most popular venues straightaway. Check whether your favourite restaurant or pub are taking bookings and make sure you nab a table for you and your friends. If you’re disorganised, you may end up disappointed as there will be some serious demand for a very limited number of outdoor tables. This is crucial as you don’t want to go to all the effort of looking great and feeling fit if you can’t then go out and enjoy yourself! While it’s nice to enjoy a garden party or have people over for dinner, it’s been months since we’ve dined out, so don’t miss out by not being ready and prepared.


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