The Notebook Love Story Review

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The Notebook Love Story Review

I am so excited to be writing this blog post, The Notebook is my favourite love story movie ever. I have watched it over and over and never fail to cry. It’s such a fantastic movie!

I am all for a love story and a Rom Com. I am honestly a soppy one hehe.

In a nursing home an elderly man reads a notebook with this story to his wife as she has dementia trying to get her to remember him and their love story.

A young man falls in love with a rich young woman and they are inseparable until they Noah goes off to serve in World War 2. During there relationship Allie ( Rachel Mcadams) expressed how much she would love to live in a big white house with blue shutters, a room overlooking the river so that she could paint and a porch wrapped around the house where they can drink tea and watch the sunset.

When Allie and Noah were separated for 7 years Noah was writing letters to Allie for a year after 365 days he finally gave up but her mum was hiding them as she didn’t think Noah was right for her.

Noah glimpses Allie in a restaurant kissing her new Fiancé, as she is trying wedding dressed on she sees in the papers that Noah had built this stunning house exactly as Allie had pictured it and went to see him.

Allie and Noah eventually rekindle there love and get back together.

Noah carries on reading this story to Allie in the nursing home and she one day remembers for a few minutes and says this is us isn’t it? At that point me and my fiancé started balling our eyes out. She says to him how long have I got until I forget and he said about 5 minutes was what it was last time.

They decide to spend this short time dancing together but unfortunately Allie forgets who Noah is and it results in panic. The medical team are forced to sedate her after Noah sees this he suffers a heart attack and is sent to the hospital. Allie is in a dementia ward in the same hospital.

Noah cheekily goes to sneak in her room at night and reminds her of her illness again, he tells her they can get through anything together with their love. They kiss, hold hands and fall asleep together. The nurse discovers the next morning that they have both died in their sleep with their hands still clasped together and she is amazed.

This movie and book is honestly the most amazing love story ever. Every time I cry because it is so well thought out.

This post is in collaboration however all opinions are my own.

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