How To create A Successful Youtube Channel

I have created a ebook which will teach you how to create a successful youtube channel and the best bit is, I will personally provide assistance online. You can email me on any questions and I will answer. I will also personally check out your youtube channels and give you my advice.  

My Skin Care Routine

When it comes to skin care, I absolutely love to make sure I use a good cleanser. I’ve tried so many but I have to say this one is clearly the best and the most easiest and quickest. I am absolutely loving Botanics Micellar 3 in cleansing solution. It dissolves your makeup, unclogs pores and removes all impurities in 1 SINGLE step.   I seriously recommend this, it leaves my face feeling so refreshed and […]

Laser Hair Removal

I have always thought about laser hair removal, who wants them unwanted annoying little hairs.  Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair follicles with laser light, the energy damages and destroys the hair follicle which means the follicle will stop reducing further hairs. Its a very strong beam of light, this is absorbed by the hair follicle whilst the surrounding tissue remains unaffected. It reduces ingrown hairs, gives you amazing smooth skin, you don’t […]

Boohoo Glasses

I think it’s nice to have some quirky ness about you and I absolutely love glasses. I am suppose to wear prescribed glasses but I just don’t like how they feel. recently I purchased some gold glasses from Boohoo, they feel and look amazing. I feel like they just add to my confidence and give me a little quirky look. They are a really light feel and they are so light to hold. I feel […]

I Have An Ebook

I have brought my ebook out finally, it teaches you how to create a successful YouTube channel. And also a small home decor haul! Enjoy! Leave me a comment and say you’ve watched it from my blog 💕  

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