Surviving The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

I know it’s been a while guys, and I’ve honestly missed you, my blog and everything.  I am going to share with you my first trimester symptoms, feelings, emotions the whole rollercoaster it has really been. It is going to be raw and mostly sickness so if you don’t like icky things maybe skip that bit.

I am finally coming to the end of my first trimester and I am so blooming excited, as much as it is a miracle a human growing inside of you and everything. I am not going to lie it has been awful for me.

Firstly let me explain something I have a condition called Graves’ disease which has been treated and I now suffer from under active thyroid. I was told I could never have children would have to adopt and here I am with a baby bump😊 I believe everything happens for a reason and if this is meant to be it will be. Of course my pregnancy is on the higher end of risky because of my condition, possible miscarriage, growth problems etc. Which is my biggest worry.

So I found out I am pregnant on week 3, for the past week I was feeling very nauseous and tired and just not good. I said to my fiancé I feel like taking a pregnancy test, something in my mind told me to it was so strange. I said “ it will most definitely be a negative but let’s see”. Ten….15 minutes later I turned the test over and I thought I was literally dreaming, I saw the most faintest second line ever! My first reaction was OH MY GOD! Could this be, how? How is this possible. No it’s probably a faulty test. Took a second, a third a fourth all had the same line. Left it till the next morning because it’s best to take a test first thing in the morning with your first wee and it was the same.

I panicked because if I’m pregnant then my thyroid levels have GOT to be absolutely perfect or something could go wrong. I rang my doctor and explained, he advised me immediately to go to the hospital for a blood test. It was on a Friday doctors were shut bank holiday Monday as well. I was worrying all weekend, I had my doctor’s appointment on the Wednesday to find out my results and she said with a massive smile on her face. You are most definitely pregnant! Me and Liam were so happy in shock I cried!

So fast forward all of the excitement and emotions, the following weeks 4/5 was pretty much just my body coping with the pregnancy. My doctor said you are gonna take a big hit, your thyroid makes you so tired and a pregnancy on top of that is going to be a whopper. You need to get plenty of rest.

I slept all day and all night just woke up to eat and drink, my YouTube channel took a massive step back and my blog. I couldn’t do a thing. Week 6 and 7 were pretty much the same with a lot of nausea couldn’t eat properly, felt rubbish. At week 7 I was rushed into hospital with a suspected eptopic pregnancy. They ran me an ultra sound, guys I’m gonna say this I wasn’t expecting anything to be there. I had to have an internal scan as I was so early on and there it was, the lady turned the screen and there was our little jelly bean. We were so happy, I announced it on my YouTube channel that week and I had so much congratulations and love, some of you even knew before me. We told family and it was so overwhelming.

Week 8 and 9 was the worst weeks of my life. I woke up in the morning throwing up, I threw up through the day and night every day. It was horrible, doctor suspected maybe hyperemesis gravidarum and prescribed me some sickness tablets, first ones did absolutely nothing, second ones were absolutely wrong for my body they changed who I was. That was a very horrible experience and the third ones started to work for me. I was taking these tablets and starting to feel a tad bit better then all of a sudden when I turned 9 weeks it all went! All the sickness had gone I was so happy!

Then I hit week 10 and 11 and these weeks have been kind of rubbish. I am fine all through the day, little bit of nausea but as long as I’m eating frequently and drinking it’s helping. As soon as it hits 6/7 pm I’m throwing up. Projectile vomiting to the point my stomach is in absolute agony. So yes that’s pretty much where we are at the moment. I’m sick through the night and it’s a different kind of sickness, the early stages I was bringing up bile! Now I’m bringing up actual food and projectile vomiting. It’s so gross.

on the plus side I have an amazing pregnancy pillow that I’m pretty much living in and praying the sickness will go. I went for my first midwife appointment the other day and I knew what to expect to be honest. She told me all the issues with my condition and I will be having regular blood tests, referrals and growth scans. My mum also suffered with preeclampsia so I am more likely to get it and they’ve put me on aspirin and folic acid as well as my thyroid medication.

Mum 12 week scan is booked at the end of this month I am very excited but also very nervous I just want everything to be okay. I am going to share with you as much as I can about my pregnancy and I hope this might help you.

Any suggestions or questions please leave them down below and il write you back!

much love





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