Script Fonts Bundles

Script Fonts Bundles

Whether you are a blogger, YouTube, journalist, writer or just designing something for fun, having cool fonts for your writing can be really useful. The basic font you get given on any device is good but I think it can be really fun to use all kinds of different fonts. Script fontsare very eye catching and beautiful. Sometimes fonts can be available to buy individually but these are available in bundles. There are so many different designs to chose from. If you purchase the  fantastic super big bundle you get 79 font items, 50 font scripts and brush and 29 family sans serif for only £3.19GBP.  There are so many different designs: glitter fonts, mermaid fonts, love designs, curly fonts. There are some really pretty fonts that could be used for website designing or YouTube channels. I love how unique each design is and there are logo purchases which makes it so much easier for website designs. Also they come in many different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Polish.

In this there is also a Plus membership option where you get a certain amount of credits per month, access to deal events, bonus points and rewards, earn points for purchases and FREE products. There are three different memberships to choose from. The Bronze membership is $7.99 per month where you get 10% off every purchase, bonus points and rewards and earn points for purchases. The second membership bundle is the Gold membership where you get 50 credits per month, access to deals, 15% of every purchase, bonus points and rewards, earn double points for purchases and more FREE products. Lastly the membership you can choose is the Silver membership where you get 20 credits per month, access to deals, 10% of every purchase, bonus points and rewards, earn points for purchases and FREE products. They also come with a 7 day free trial. Also with the Silver and Gold membership you get the free font of the week and free design of the week.

There are also $1 deals, you need to log in or register to your account before the deal starts, top up your store credit before launch to quickly checkout and get the $1 deals you want plus SAVE an extra 10%, so you pay $0.90 per deal.

These fonts are a great use for birthday cards, Christmas cards, valentines cards, paper cutting, cricut, wall hanging framed pictures, wall boards, logo designs, company branding, personal branding, websites, blogs, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, posters, paper crafts, general craft work, scrap books, embroidery, jewellery, stitch work, silhouette work, wood work and any where else letters appear.

Whether you are a handmade paper crafter, an Etsy seller, a card maker, a Cricut lover, a silhouette crafter or any kind of creative person, you will find Font Bundles a fantastic resource and great value for money.

Don’t miss out on these great deals, and make sure you sign up so you get the most out of this and receive all the amazing benefits.

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