Running A Small Business? Learn How To Reduce & Manage Your Stress

‘Running A Small Business? Learn How To Reduce & Manage Your Stress

Running a small business is a rewarding job and role but can also be quite stressful. All the pressure to succeed is on your shoulders and people are always looking to you for direction and answers.

If you feel your stress has been building up lately then it’s wise to take the necessary steps now to get it under control. The following tips will help you reduce and manage stress as a small business owner and ensure you feel your best so you can concentrate and find long-term success.

Focus on the Positives

Remind yourself of what’s going well whenever you feel stressed out at work or about how business is going. Identify what’s working and all the results you are getting currently. Focus on the positives so you can maintain an optimistic outlook and not let any negativity enter your mind. It’ll help keep you motivated to want to work hard and move forward even when you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure of yourself.

Delegate to Your Employees

Another way to reduce and manage your stress as a small business owner is to hire the right employees. You must have a staff that you can depend upon and rely on throughout the year. If you notice your employees are slacking or not showing up to work then you may need to enlist the help of an absence management service and tool. You must have employees who are showing up to work and who you can delegate tasks and assignments to when you have too much on your plate. It’ll reduce your stress when you don’t have to worry about your employees showing up to work and when you can trust them to get the job done right.

This could also include outsourcing that you use. Whether it’s Business IT Support or HR services, make sure you use outsourcing that you need to make everyday running more smooth. 

Unplug in Your Free Time

The last thing you should be doing is checking work emails and messages when you’re off or at home. Reduce and manage your stress as a small business owner by committing to unplugging in your free time to focus on your mental and physical health. Find other ways to fill your downtime such as exercising, enjoying nature, or reading a good book. If you’re always connected and online then you risk your mind racing more and you never feel like you have a break away from technology and work.

Say No without any Guilt

What’s most important is that you learn to say no to others and activities when you don’t have the time or energy to give. Not only say no more often but do it and then don’t allow yourself to feel guilty for turning down a person or event. Reduce and manage your stress as a small business owner by knowing your limits and keeping a calendar of events so you don’t overbook yourself. Maintain a schedule and prioritise your tasks and activities so you understand what’s most important that you do and get done first. Avoid filling up your calendar because you’ll also want to make sure you have some time left over to do as you please such as participating in hobbies or practising self-care.  

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