Qyk Sonic: Zoe facial cleansing device

Qyk Sonic: Zoe facial cleansing device

I am absolutely obsessed with this little device from Qyk Sonic it is truly awesome! I was kindly gifted this a few weeks ago and i wanted to try it out everyday for two weeks before letting you know my thoughts.

I have really found true love with this product. It’s so easy to use and it has a few settings. The product isn’t so compact so it’s not an issue to carry around in your travel bag. It holds its charge for a super long time, it comes in many different colours. It also is very light weight, you add your cleansing product to your Face and wet your device and gently guide it across your face.

There are two different settings one is for cleansing and the other is for anti ageing

. The anti ageing side isn’t amazing it pulses and pushes the product  into your skin so it’s perfect for under eye creams. The device has a vibration setting and you can set it to how intense you would like it.

i have also shared a video on my YouTube channel and I will be sharing another one very soon showing you how to use the device.

I hope you enjoy my post, Qyk Sonic: Zoe facial cleansing device.


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