My Evening Pamper Routine

My Evening Pamper Routine

Hey my lovelies! Welcome back to my blog. So today I am going to share with you my pamper routine. I am obsessed with pampering at the moment especially after being ill for months and couldn’t do anything for myself. I missed it so much!

The first thing I do is pop a hair mask in, I love hair masks. I like to use the Argan Oil one from Pound Shop or I use the one from Lee Stafford Coco Loco. They are Honestly so good. They both leave my hair feeling absoloutely amazing!!




The next thing I do is a face mask, I will either use a sheet mask or a clay/mud mask. I have really been loving using a sheet mask that I leave in the fridge. It is so cold and cooling for your skin after a really hot day especially in this heatwave were in!  The sheet mask I like to use is from Garnier.


Before I do my face mask or sheet mask, I always do my skin care after I have showered. For skincre I have really been loving the Pixi Beauty Vitamin C range. This was kindly gifted to me in a Pr package which I am so grateful for.

First I start with the Vitamin C Juice Cleanser, this is so good to my skin. It gently cleanses and brightens your skin. whilst improving your whole complexion.



Second I go in with the Vitamin C Tonic, this helps exfoliates your skin, adds natural glow and luminosity to your skin whilst protecting your skin against free radicals.

I then go in with the Pixi Vitamin C lotion, which deeply hydrates and nourishes your skin. It also protects your skin from sun damage and boosts a natural glow.

After that I go in with the Pixi Vitamin C serum, now this is my favourite product of all of them. This has changed my skin so much. It feels more soft, supple and looks a lot better. It has given me such a bright complexion over using this a month. I am so happy with the results from this.


Lastly I like to hydrate my skin, as I suffer from dry skin. I use the glow mist as a primer, setting spray and during my skin care. It is like a drink for your skin it has really helped my skin feel glowy and hydrated.


Once I have finished my skin care and my pamper, I literally feel on top of the world!

I really hope you enjoyed this, I also would love for you to check out my Evening Pamper Routine on Youtube.

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Love you all so much, stay safe.

Melissa Jayne


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