Making Money From Your Home – 3 Low Effort Options

Making Money from your home- 3 low effort options

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could make enough money to cover our expenses in life, but still have the time and energy to do the things that matter to us, like painting a picture, going to a dance class, or spending a lazy afternoon with the family?


Well, the good news is that there are some low-effort options for making Bank that can be done from our very own homes. Just keep reading to find out what they are.

Trade crypto

Investing in markets such as crypto has long been recognized as a relatively low-effort way to make money. The great thing is that now it can be done online easily and simply with apps like a crypto exchange you can make your investment from your very own home. You don’t even need to pick up the phone as you can trade, sell, and swap in the app, and they have live chat to help you with any questions you may have.


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Another positive thing about investing in cryptocurrency is that it provides a variety of opportunities to make profits. Firstly, the market tends to be pretty volatile day-to-day, which makes it an excellent choice for short trades. However, because cryptocurrency as a way of banking is currently becoming more popular, it also presents a great option for long-term investment.


Rent out a holiday property

One of the smartest ways to earn money without even having to leave the house is by becoming a landlord. Indeed, renting properties to others usually means a minimum of contact and work, for a healthy return.


In particular, leasing out vacation properties is a great way to go. The reason is that you can command a much higher price per week, and meet your financial goal over the peak period. Also, as a vacation property like a cabin is likely to be located away from your residence you can pay a management company to clean and administer it for you, which means you definitely won’t need to head up there yourself and get involved with changing the beds or booking in guests.


Be a VA

A VA for those that haven’t come across the term before, is a virtual assistant. What this means is completing several tasks for single or even multiple clients (time management and prioritizing are vital skills here) that would usually come under the remit of a personal assistant (PA). Indeed, you can see the VA role in a very similar way as a PA role, it’s just done totally remotely from home over the internet.


Tasks you can expect to be asked to complete include diary and travel management, meeting and appointment bookings, typing, opening and prioritizing emails, data entry, research, and even some writing. Arranging personal tasks such as ordering gifts is common as well.


To become a VA you may choose to work independently. Although,  there are also many agencies that you can join that will filter work your way. However, they will ask for a cut of your payment in return.

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