• Make Learning More Fun For Your Child (And You)

    Make Learning More Fun For Your Child (And You)

    Make Learning More Fun For Your Child (And You)

    It’s important to support your child’s learning. While the pandemic has thrown up all kinds of challenges to learning, there is still a lot that can be done to help your child progress in their learning, while also making it more enjoyable for them.


    If you want to get involved in your child’s learning outside the classroom, here are some of the ways you can get involved – you may even learn a thing or two yourself. 

    Learn in real life at a museum

    A visit to a museum is an enjoyable way of learning more about a particular subject. There are museums for all kinds of things, as well as some excellent museums for kids. Museums provide a different experience than simply being read to – the visuals, in particular, can help provide some stimulation, and may help your child understand a little more too.


    Most museums provide free entry for children, making it a cost-effective way for your child to learn.

    Go on a history tour

    Want to learn more about history? Tracing the path where past events happened makes an excellent way to enhance your historical knowledge. A history tour keeps things interesting, and you’ll get to learn more about the location too. Popular places include London student tours, which cover a range of different subjects. Having an expert guide you through a subject makes learning more exciting, and is a great way to build some memories with your child too

    See plays in person

    Older children studying Shakespeare and other plays can find it difficult to take them in. The language is unfamiliar, and the meaning can easily get lost. But seeing a play on stage can help bring things to life, helping the story make a lot more sense.


    Even introducing your child to the theatre at a young age can help them learn. Musicals and plays are a lot of fun, but many will be based on true events or people through history – making them an unexpected place to learn a thing or two.

    Fuel a love for science  

    Everyone knows the best bit about science is the experiments. But often, children will have to read about an experiment or a theory instead of seeing it put into practice. There are science centres located all over the UK, giving you and your children the opportunity to dive in and play with science, helping them to get a better understanding of how things work. 


    You can also try recreating a lot of science experiments at home to make learning more fun that way!


    Kids thrive on more interactive learning. While you may be thinking about creative ways to help your child learn more at home, you might also want to think about how you can take learning out of the home to bring it to life. These shared learning experiences will help you and your child learn a little more about the world, helping you make some great memories together too.

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