My Thyroid Story

My ambition was always to be successful in a career as a much as anybody would want to be. When I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease in 2009, at age 15, I was still at school. that took a backseat as my health was now my priority. The once flamboyant, sociable and outgoing girl became a shadow of her former self as I was over weight at 14 and a half stone at five foot three inches tall with constant panic attacks, palpitations and muscle deterioration. I was lost. Now, at 23 years old I have battled this disease and come out the other side. This is my story.

The beginning of the disease was more of a shock than anything else. What lead me going to the hospital was the constant shakiness, heart palpitations and depression as-well as a massive noticeable weight gain. The doctors tried to control the palpitations and panic attacks with beta blockers and carbimazole. The carbimazole was awful over time as I couldn’t drink alcohol as it gave me palpitations and the party girl ceased to exist becoming a nervous shell on the couch watching tv alone. Friends didn’t understand and constantly said, just deal with it. The stream of friendships I lost during the illness makes me want to cry but this disease is invincible and cruel.

My confidence and self worth was decreasing by the day. This was from a girl who is so full of energy and had danced since a young age. I took part time bar jobs which helped me to pay my way during my illness, which I really enjoyed. I could only get part time bar work so I decided to go into a full time job which I didn’t enjoy but it paid the bills. Ever since, my dreams took a back seat and survival and anxiety was now the key element of my life. However, when I got my strength back after radioiodine treatment in September 2015 I realised I didn’t want to just survive, I wanted to be free and live my life to my fullest potential.

So I decided to move down south and find a part time job so I can ease my self back in to work. It was still very hard for me, and to this day i still struggle I have good days and I have bad days. But I have definitely come out of the worst of it.

I met an amazing man who really understands my condition and takes care of me. Now after years of struggle, depression and anxiety I feel like me again. I thought, this is now the turning point of my life and I decided to be happy.

I recently made my own YouTube channel September 2017 and I do make up videos and lifestyle videos. I never thought I would wear makeup or be in front of a camera. It just shows how much an illness can change who you really are because this is me, the confident real me in front of the camera.

I am now in a full time job and I do blogging and YouTubing as I want to reach out to young people who may be going through any illnesses, depression or mental health.

Remember we’re here for a good time, not a long time.

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