Key Ways To Unwind

Many of us would say that we lead busy or hectic lives. For some of us, we find ourselves trapped in a routine that is wearing us down and burning us out. Long working hours, stressful deadlines, high KPIs, a busy social schedule and a demanding home life can all work together to send our stress levels through the roof and to make us feel tense around the clock. Of course, we need to avoid this. Experience stress on a day to day basis in the long term can result in all sorts of health problems, ranging from physical issues to mental issues. Stress can also negatively impact our emotional health, behaviour and relationships with others. So, what can you do to avoid all of this? The key step to take is to make sure that you can unwind and relax. This will help to create a lifestyle that isn’t only bearable, but is enjoyable too. Here are a few suggestions to help you to achieve this.


Set Work Boundaries


A key source of stress for many of us is work. Of course, we need to work to provide ourselves with an income and support ourselves. But work shouldn’t dominate your life. As the saying goes, you should work to live, not live to work. It’s easy to get sucked into overperforming, overachieving and overworking. But keep this up for a long time and you’re likely to experience a burnout. Instead, it’s important that you set healthy work boundaries that allow you to complete your work but to also have a life around this and not experience a breakdown along the way. Make sure that any targets you’re set are reasonable and achievable. Push back if they’re not. Make sure to only work your set hours. Don’t stay around in the office or signed into your laptop longer than you’re being paid for. Make sure to take your breaks. You are entitled to them. The same goes for annual leave.


Schedule Relaxation Time


Make sure that you have some relaxation time set aside each week. How you spend this is entirely up to you. You might want to run a bath and soak in it. You may want to sit cuddled up with a book or watching a TV series or film. You could try ICE Cannabis Seeds for relaxation. You might want to book in for a massage or to sit in a sauna and steam. You could enjoy going for a walk in the outdoors at a local beauty spot. Whatever you find relaxing, make time for it.


Avoid Overfilling Your Schedule


Many of us are guilty of absolutely packing our schedules with activities. These can all be fun and positive things with friends that we enjoy. But by overfilling your schedule, you can find yourself getting worn out and starting to feel reluctant to attend the things you’ve agreed to, rather than looking forward to them. Make sure to leave enough time to relax and simply do nothing!


The above steps should really help to get the ball rolling when it comes to unwinding and reducing your stress levels!

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