In Need Of A New Family Car?

If it is time to start shopping around for a new family car then there are a few things you need to consider before going to get one. You should take the whole family when going to the showrooms as everyone needs to like it and be comfortable in it. Make sure you take it for a test drive to check how it handles as well, otherwise you might regret it. You could find the best car for your needs but if it handles terribly on the road then it is not worth buying it. 


Here are three things to consider when you need to buy a new family car. 


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Size is everything and does matter when it comes to everybody fitting in the car comfortably. You don’t want to get a car and find that people are too squished, this won’t be fun if you have to do long journeys. Most cars claim to have three full-sized back seats, be careful with this as they are usually telling porky pies and you can only really get two adults and one child in the back. If you need to fit two or even three car seats in, be sure to check they will all fit safely and securely. 


Another aspect to consider is the size of the boot in the vehicle you are wanting to buy. This needs to be big enough for all your family’s needs, such as shopping or holding a buggy. Boot space is measured using liters so be sure to aim for a high number so you aren’t struggling for space. 




When thinking about buying a car one of the thoughts will be ‘shall we buy it new or used?’. This is a perfectly valid question and each one has its own pros and cons. Buying a used car means you will get more for your money and may be able to get a fancier car or a newer model. However, you won’t necessarily get the same warranty with a used car as you would a new one. This might be tricky and painful if things start to go wrong with the vehicle. Why not take a trip to a variety of car garages to get a rough idea of different cars available. 


Remember to think about your budget and how much realistically you have to spend on a car. If your credit allows you could opt for paying for the car using the finance option. This means you put down a deposit and then pay monthly. Once the car is paid off it is yours to do with as you wish. 




One final thing to consider when buying a new car is the safety rating. Not many people know this but cars are tested and put through their paces to find out how safe they are and how well they protect in the event of a crash. You need to check the make and model of your car and then find out the overall star rating and the percentages. It is often thought that high-end luxury cars are the safest but this is not always the case. 


You should really buy a car that has a rating of 5* and get as close to 100% as you can for the driver and passenger scores. 

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