I Heart Revolution *NEW* Cookie Palettes First Impressions

I Heart Revolution *NEW* Cookie Palettes First Impressions

Hello my lovely’s I hope you are well and keeping safe and sane during this lockdown.  Today I want to talk about the NEW I Heart Revolution Cookies Palette.

I was very excited about these palettes because I actually got sent the Donut palettes in PR, I was so proud and happy and literally cried as it was a huge achievement for me that revolution noticed me.

So when the new cookie palettes came out I just thought I had to get them, let’s just talk about first impressions and packaging.


On first impressions I think these palettes are ADORABLE!

I decided to order them all because I wanted to try them all, my favourite to look at is the triple chocolate cookie because it is chocolate!

So let’s take a closer look at these palettes, we have triple chocolate cookie, red velvet cookie, chocolate chip cookie and birthday cake cookie.

so far I have tried every single palette except the triple chocolate one.

This is the look I created with the chocolate chip cookie:

I absolutely love this look it’s super cute!

Here is the look I created with the other palettes:

Red Velvet Cookie

Birthday Cookie Palette

So far I have also created some looks over on my YouTube Channel.

Overall I am so happy with these palettes so far, I love the pigment and how the colours blend. Here is a picture of how the palettes look inside.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look at the revolution cookie palettes, let me know your thoughts about them.



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