How To Successfully Pitch Brands As A Blogger

How to successfully pitch brands as a blogger

How To Successfully Pitch Brands As A Blogger

Happy Friday everyone! It is finally the weekend, even though I feel like this week has gone so so quickly. I am still super glad its the weekend. I get so excited for the weekdays though because I literally love working and love all the emails coming through.

Anyway in todays post I am going to share with you how to successfully pitch brands as a blogger. I feel like I get asked this question o the daily, and I am finally able to put some content together for you to learn how I have achieved this.

Be Professional

Always be professional when reaching out to brands, even if you get some snotty replies back. Always keep a professional response and end the conversation politely. Don’t burn any bridges because that person might leave the company and a new person might reach out to you. So you don’t want to leave any bad impressions.

I feel like with me being a pretty small Influencer I have still had success, I personally think its because I really strive to build relationships with brands. If a brand reaches out to me or I reach out to them on a gifted basis I will always try and share their products even if they haven’t asked me to. I like to show appreciation, it is a big deal for brands to personalise products they send you and send you things.

If the product has been sent in collaboration paid or sponsored I always make sure that I deliver my work on time if not a few days before. I like to always leave a good impression and I also engage with brands as much as I can by commenting, liking their social medias and dropping them a DM now and again.

Approach Brands You Use and Love

If you pitch to brands and you don’t use their products thats not really the way to go. I have found the best way is to pitch to brands that you use. How about your favourite eyeshadow palette that you use everyday? Or your favourite skincare products, reach out to them and say how much you love and enjoy their products. If you create that connection with the brands they will start to notice you.

Also if you use these products your followers will feel like you are more authentic and it will create a successful relationship going forward.

Know Your Worth

I feel this is where I have gone wrong quite a few times now! As much as free products are great to share with your followers. They don’t allow you to do this job part time or full time, you do have to at some point realise that this is work for you and you deserve to be paid.

Sometimes brands will offer you a budget or the best thing I have found has been working recently is asking if their is a budget available. If there is then negotiate until you are happy or you will need to choose if you want to continue with the collaboration on a gifted basis. That is entirely up to you if the product is really worth it.

Have you started pitching to brands yet? Let me know your tips

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