How To Stay Motivated As A Small Business

How To Stay Motivated As A Small Business

My business is my life its what I think about every single day, I am constantly looking for ways to improve. I am a Beauty and Lifestyle blogger, I also vlog and create videos for Youtube and I like to grow my social media accounts too. My niche especially beauty is oversaturated these days. There are tons and tons of HUGE beauty influencers, medium influencers and small influencers and you can start to feel a bit overwhelmed with the pressure of how do I live up to them, how do I get their amount of likes on Instagram or views on Youtube.

What you have to remind yourself is that they may have been doing this for many years, they may have had a picture or post/video that went viral. Everyone is different thats what makes us all beautiful and not all of us are going to make it at the same stage. I am going to share with you a few tips I follow to keep motivated.

Don’t compare yourself

This one is especially important, please don’t compare yourself with Carli Bybel or Nikki tutorials they have been doing this for years. They also started back when it wasn’t as well known to do Youtube and Blogging. What they do inspires me, I don’t compare myself with them but they inspire me, I love Blogging and Youtube because its like another little world that you can escape to.

Be You

Especially important, be you! don’t try to be any one else because that person already has a following. That person is already out there posting blogs and videos. People fall in love with peoples personalities and then they start to relate to you. Once a person can relate to you thats kind of where it starts to kick of with a loyal friendship. I follow bloggers that I can relate to. I’ve found my self following plenty of mummy Bloggers/Vloggers now because I am expecting my first baby in December this year. Let your personality shine through to your audience, so what if your a little quirky or strange. Aren’t we all?!

Now lets get on to things that keep you motivated.

Numbers and Growth

These days its all about how many subscribers and followers you have, people even are buying followers and subscribers which I don’t agree with at all because them people will not engage with you. Can I just remind you do you think Nikkie Tutorials just woke up the next day to 1 million subscribers or Casey Neistat woke up and his vlogging channel had 5 million? NO. They worked hard, they put content up on a schedule, they followed their hearts and knew they would succeed.

I find Casey Neistat very inspiring, he said in a video one day ” you have to turn up to work every single day” meaning get a vlog out every single day if you want to be a huge vlogger. Even with 10 subscribers go put that video up, you never know who is going to come across it and watch it. I love Youtubers so much which is why I have become one my self because they are so inspiring and look at the world in such a positive way. So what I’m trying to say is even if you have 0, 10 or 100 subscribers/followers go put the content out keep going, every one grows at a different rate.

Consistency Is Key

Consistency is so important, we are going to dive right into this now because this is the most important thing you can do. Find your niche, work out what days you want to upload your content and set a schedule. For blogging it is every single day for me, my Youtube schedule is Tuesdays and Fridays. Let your audience know when you are going to post, if you just post when you feel like it people wont remember to come back. The way I think about it is… my soaps are on mondays, wednesdays and fridays so I know when to tune in.

You have to see your channel and blog as a business, your not here to mess around if you want this to be successful one day you have to put the effort in. The most amazing thing is there are so many apps and websites that allow you to schedule your content.

Tailwind: You can schedule posts for Instagram and Pinterest on here. Its such a useful app because you can schedule as many posts as you want and also you can see when your most likely to get engagement. Tailwind tells you exactly when to post.

Youtube Studio: You can upload your videos and set them to be scheduled to be posted when ever you like. This app has so many benefits such as: monetisation, answering comments and analytics.

Hootsuite: Helps you to schedule your Pinterest pins.

PR, Sponsored posts and ADS

I get tons and tons of questions when I receive PR or products to review because I am such a small influencer/Youtuber. People are under the impression that you have to have hundreds of thousands of followers/subscribers. My biggest achievement to date is receiving a DM on Instagram of of Makeup Revolution/ I Heart Revolution about joining their PR list and receiving some of their amazing products. I couldn’t believe my eyes when they sent that to me, I thought has this been a mistake have they got the wrong Melissa? I cried my eyes out and thanked them and said I never thought this day would happen I don’t have that many followers. They replied and said its not about that, you work so hard with your content, we love how much you love I Heart Revolution and we’ve been noticing you for weeks now. They even started following me I was so happy.

That gave me such a boot up the backside all of that hard work I had done on my Youtube channel/ Instagram with their products they noticed me! EEEK! They sent me out their NEW Donut Eyeshadow Range. Ive also been lucky enough to work with Nivea, Pixi Beauty, OPI, Garnier and many more.

When it comes to blogging sponsored posts, they are something that you can either reach out for yourself or wait for the emails to come in. When you post consistently and you start to get traffic coming to your blog, brands will reach out.

So this is my advice to you even if you dont have 10k followers still work hard, do what your doing it doesn’t go unnoticed. A little tip: Make sure to tag the brands in your photos.

Remember what you came here to do

You can bring something to the table that another person cant. It can be very easy to think I’m not growing on Instagram I give up. Its been months that I keep going from 1400 to 1500 I’m never going to reach 2k followers. Thats how I am feeling at the moment, if you are feeling like this evaluate what you have done about it, maybe you need to be more consistent, engage with your audience, improve your photo quality or just keep chugging along.

Never give up, reach out to your audience and ask them what do you want to see more of? same goes for Youtube ask them what they want to see then you have to deliver that.

The most important thing is to remember what you came here to do, if you want this as much as you say you do, set your goals, schedule your content and follow these tips. They will help because it is what I have done for the past year. Don’t forget what you came here to do and go smash it! right now ! let me know in the comments below what you have done today to help you reach your goals.





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