How To Save Money To Move Out

How To Save Money To Move Out

Lets first just say I know this is a different kind of subject on my blog, but I want to share my tips and stop you from making the mistakes that I did.

Hey! we all know debt, bills and adult stuff we have to do right, yeah being an adult is so much fun!

Well if you are thinking about moving out if your currently living with your family or friends. This is why I am writing this blog post to give my advise.

Cut your outgoing

If you are getting ready to move out you need to start cutting down your outgoing so this means, if you want to save for your deposit, rent and bills etc. Try and cut your outgoing, take a few months off going out for dinner, getting the new phone or buying a new car. Try if you can to save 20% of your wage every month. That money will help towards your important bills.

Earn Some Extra Cash

It’s always good to have double the amount so you know if you fall on hard times you will have money behind you, maybe see if you can get a second job at a little coffee shop part-time or helping granddad cut the grass. Every little helps.

Save save and save

Save every thing you have, because when you do move out you never know if you might have a car emergency or something where you will need money. I have made this mistake where I didn’t save extra money and then ran into these problems. Car brakes, vet bills and extra letting agent fees.

Set a budget

I did not set a budget when I move out I bought a brand new sofa, brand new furniture, house supplies etc. I spent way to much money and it was very overwhelming at how fast it all happened. I went mad on my first house, my biggest tip is take your time decorating your place. Look at what will work in your place and also long-term. I have bought a massive corner crushed velvet sofa which is beautiful but now I’m moving to an apartment and it’s probably going to be too big and cover the whole room. So take your time and also you don’t have to buy everything brand new, Facebook have so many second-hand items, gumtree and british heart foundations etc. I wish i did all of this.

If you set these goals and get your self in the right mindset you will be able to move out and you will love it. It is a very exciting time but it is also a very expensive time. So I hope these tips have helped some of you. Let me know in the comments if you want to see more posts about saving money etc.




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