How To Pitch To Brands As An Influencer/Blogger

All the successful bloggers and youtubers know how to pitch themselves to brands to get collaborations. Well today I am going to teach you how I have landed PR and collaborations.

First of all you got to believe in what you are doing. You are a business, if you are a blogger/ influencer that is your brand. Be proud in what you do and you will shine to brands.


Know your Follower demographics

Knowing who your following base is will help you demonstrate your value, brands will want to know location, general gender split and top audience. The more your audience fits their target market the more valuable you are to them.


Get yourself out there

This means make your name known to brands, work out where they are most active- which platforms. Be on them platforms and comment like their pictures and posts. Engage with them, give compliments. A big tip from me- Post pictures of their products and tag them in them. Brands will love it and see how much you love their products, I had a brand say to me once right at the start…. “we don’t care about how many followers you have, we just want to see you using our products and how much you love them”.


How to introduce yourself

When you reach out to brands by email make sure you are reaching out to an actual person as opposed to the company address. e.g ‘’. The person you are trying to specifically reach has 100’s if not 1000’s emails a day asking the same thing, so make your subject interesting.

Then in the email it should explain who you are and what you can offer for the brand not ‘what you want’!

Then you can include your media kit by using Zine Media Kit, it will tell brands your following ratio and engagement rate.

You should also include your rates.


Negotiating with brands

When negotiating with brands you need to understand how much to charge for a sponsored post, at the end of the day you are working for them and you are providing a service. You are allowed to charge for that. Consider how much time and effort will go into the post and go from there.


Accepting Rejection

If you are rejected or a brand say they can’t work with you for whatever reason, you must not give up. Take what they are saying as feedback and work towards the goals of what the brands are looking for. Brands will go with influencers and bloggers that will offer them something its all about negotiating and understanding. So keep going, don’t get disheartened. I was rejected a few times in the beginning but I now work with some of the most amazing brands that I never thought could ever happen. There are also brands that I want to work with but I haven’t reached them requirements yet.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I get asked a lot about this – so I thought I would write a post about it to help.

If you want more posts like this, let me know and if you have any questions leave them down below.





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