How To Have A Cosy Christmas

How To Have A Cosy Christmas

I am going to share how to have a cosy Christmas this year, I love to be cosy this time of year. Let me share how I do that, it may be excessive for some people but not me.


Firstly you need to get your cosy blankets and get snuggly on the sofa, everyone needs a good snuggle. I feel like blankets are just make everything more cosy.

Wax Melts

Wax melts are another great addition to have in your home, they smell so good and make your house so warm and cosy. There are tons of different smells and shapes to try. Some people even make their own on Instagram and sell some really fun ones.

My favourite are from glade and B&M.

Festive Food

Food! Food is the best at Christmas even though I am gluten free now and I have to watch what I eat I am still going to enjoy myself. I can not wait for the yummy turkey and gravy, there are a lot of gluten free options out there if thats what you are looking for to.

How To Have A Cosy Christmas


Chocolate is a MUST at Christmas! Especially the tubs of Celebrations, Heroes and roses etc. We have them all round the house at Christmas time. There is something about eating chocolate and watching a movie that makes things very cosy.

Christmas Movies

I love a good Christmas movie, especially Elf and Santa Clause. They are just the best, whats your favourite Christmas movie?

Get yourself your blanket, chocolate, christmas food and watch a cosy Christmas movie.

Fluffy Socks

Is Christmas anything without wearing fluffy socks, I don’t think so! I love wearing fluffy socks in the festive period. However I feel like I wear fluffy socks all year round.


The most important part of having a nice warm Christmas is spending it with your loved ones.

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