How To Get Pr As A Small Blogger/Influencer

How To Get Pr As A Small Blogger/Influencer

I get asked this question like a 100 times a day, I never know how to answer you guys in a DM on Instagram. So I am going to share my 5 tips that I have used and successfully received brand deals and PR gifts. I am a blogger/Youtuber and Influencer on a lot of different platforms. I am going to teach you a few tips here, that probably other bloggers won’t tell you.

  1. You need to find your niche, so if it is beauty you want to use a lot of products and tag the brands on Instagram/Twitter or mention them in Youtube videos. The brands will notice you no matter how small your page is. I have learnt that numbers in followers do count but the most important thing is showing that brand you are passionate and being consistent. So tag the brands in your videos/photos and they will start to respond, then what you can do is reach out to the brand. The best way is either DM them on Instagram or email them. Make sure you are polite and write what you can do for them and how passionate you are. You don’t want to put ” hi, can you send me some products to review”. You need to say who you are, what your brand is all about, what you can do for them ie. create videos/photos and how passionate you are about the brand itself.

2. Be consistent, tag and talk about the brand that you are interested in working with, comment on their instagram and twitter. Retweet them etc. Eventually they will notice you and see you like their products. That is when you will either hear from them or you can reach out to them directly.

3. I have found that numbers of followers do matter to some brands but not to others. Some are just really interested in your passion and quality. I have worked with Makeup Revolution/ I Heart Revolution with only 1,200 followers on Instagram last last year and they have millions. They noticed how passionate I was with their products and how hard working I am. So try to grow your social medias by posting regularly and good quality photos.

4. Create a media kit, you can find them pretty much anywhere. I use Zine, create your media kit where you show your following, your best quality content and brands that you have worked with in the past. Then when you reach out to a brand you can send them this and they will see how good your pages have done.

5. My last tip is Insta stories, Take photos of you using the products and tag the brands. But also another tip is to sign up to Influenster which is a box of products that you can receive from them if you work on their app consistently by answering questions about products you have used. I have got many PR products through them.

I hope that you find these tips helpful.

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